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Maintain business continuity, growth, and shift from a provider to a customer partner. With the right RPA automation implemented in your Contact Centre, your organization will be able to streamline the contact center operations. By offloading low-value tasks and quickly surfacing customer data. The right automation tool is key to free agents to handle more calls and focus on resolving other important tasks at hand.

Eliminate The Clutter

  • On-time delivery, high-quality delivery of service
  • Average hold time, average handle time

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  • Fitting RPA in the contact center environment

    RPA fits in two specific areas of the contact center. As an example, to create better customer experiences, bots can access customer details before agent’s start speaking to customers. After their discussion, the agent can trigger a bot to guide the customer to resolution across multiple systems and applications all in one screen. This reduces the need to access multiple systems manually. Reduces call time, error and potential fraud. The bot will then continue to manage the rest of the call after a resolution is reached.

    Fit Robotic Process Automation (RPA) plus Artificial Intelligence (AI) to shorten response times, reduce Average Handle Time (AHT). Improve KPIs Digital workers streamline operations to reduce average handle time, improve customer satisfaction, and increase first call resolution.

    Benefits of Having Contact Centre Automation System

    Increase Agent Productivity
    Increase Agent Productivity

    Attended bots help agents find info to resolve customer problems faster.

    Improve Customer Experiences
    Improve Customer Experiences

    Automation frees agents from manual tasks so they can focus on meeting increasing customer demand.

    Reduce Costs
    Reduce Costs

    More efficient operations mean your contact center can service more customers when resources are tight.

    Ensure Business Continuity
    Ensure Business Continuity

    Business can stay connected with stakeholders and maintain service continuity amid disruption by creating a 24/7 digital workforce.

    Use Case

    Call Center Processes Improve with Automation Anywhere Interactive Forms.

    80% of customer service reps must access multiple applications during a single call. Automation Anywhere RPA and Interactive Forms can help.
    Complicated processes increase handle time, which means decreased customer satisfaction and employee productivity. Automation Anywhere Interactive Forms simplifies the customer service experience. Customize the forms based on your needs with drag and drop simplicity, no matter which system you’re using.