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Insurance companies now understand the importance of digital channels to increase customer acquisition rates and provide self-services to customers. 

With that comes a challenge of providing personalized customer experiences and using various disjointed channels/touchpoints, which may lead to a lack of visibility and measuring CX across all the touchpoints, and customer interactions gets soiled and not used to enrich customer understanding. 

These challenges paved the way for Alterian, the Customer Journey Orchestration tool, to improve your current technology by moving to a more customer-led journey orchestration method and improving value throughout your customer’s lifecycle. 


What is Customer Journey Orchestration? 

Customer Journey Orchestration coordinates every customer interaction across their digital journey in real-time to encourage customer engagement with your Insurance company. 

Customer Journey orchestration integrates different digital systems and leverages data sources by listening to your customer behavior across every touchpoint through their journey. 

It analyzes these data/interactions in real-time to recommend the next best action, delivering an exceptional end-to-end customer experience. 


Why Alterian’s Customer Journey Orchestration? 

Alterian delivers real-time personalization, offers, and next steps in the journey.  

It increases cross-functional adoption, reduces the cognitive load on employees, and improves CX by tracking, visualizing, and influencing real-time interactions. Use cases include call deflection, real-time personalization, service issue resolution, upsell and cross-sell, and next best experience. 

Alterian focuses on rapid time-to-value (template library and journey measurement), simple adoption (different UIs for different user types), and insights to action (125 out-of-the-box data connectors and strong visualization), according to Forrester Wave™: Journey Orchestration Platforms Report, Q2 2020 


Grow value across the Insurance Customer Acquisition process 

Customer Journey Orchestration can help insurers identify opportunities to simplify the acquisition process and reduce customer effort through digital channels using the following features of Alterian. 

Intelligent Customer Acquisition: 

Using the Alterian Rule Designer, you can create and manage marketing campaigns all year long easily by automatically deploying the best-performing content to acquire more customers for your insurance company. 

 In The Moment Next Best Action: 

Alterian’s Journey Orchestration understands each user’s behavior, then turns it into a customer-centric recommendation and makes it available to every channel to meet your customer’s needs at every touchpoint. 

Personalized Call Handling: 

Arm your contact center agents with a sneak peek of your customer journey on the web to have better information that will help them deliver a better customer experience and reduce call time. 

 Unknown Visitor Conversion: 

Suppose your website gets plenty of traffic, but your conversion rate is pretty low. In that case, Alterian Real-time CX platform will help you listen to users’ behavior across their website session to determine the right personalized at the moment messaging, which will help increase the number of conversions. 

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