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Genesys MultiCloud CX

MultiCloud For The Future of Customer and Employee Experience


The Full-Featured Genesys Multicloud CX Omnichannel is The New Genesys Engage with A New Name, yet Same Solution.

Genesys MultiCloud CX solution supports is designed to support the largest digital transformation initiatives. It is a private cloud solution for our customers who have their own application essences and those who are seeking a complete isolation with 100% dedicated hosting.

For organizations that want to elevate the customer experience, the Genesys Multicloud CX solution gives them the power of choice and flexibility. And it prepares you for success in the new normal.

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  • Key Capabilities

    Powerful Routing

    Match the right resource to the right customer for better results. Best-in-class enterprise routing makes the most of automated and assisted engagements. Monitor it all in real time with unparalleled analytics.

    Unified Experiences

    Unify all voice and digital channels, self-service, work items, and inbound and outbound interactions. Get the foundation you need to create more holistic, personalized experiences for your customers and employees.

    Flexibility and Control

    Choose the deployment model that’s best for you: on-premises, public or private cloud. Customize your environment with pre-built integrations or flex your developer muscles and build using our APIs and SDKs.

    Why Genesys MultiCloud is Designed For The Largest Organization?

    Genesys Multicloud CX is unique because offers businesses the power of choice and flexibility. The newly cloud-native architecture is based on containers and micro-services technology. This means it’s easy to build a flexible multi-vendor ecosystem. And you can choose from various deployment and management options. It is for the largest enterprises with sophisticated requirements, who often need global reach and unparalleled scalability.

    With the MultiCloud approach, you get to choose the deployment that best meets your business objectives. Unlike other vendors, you can deploy Genesys Multicloud CX in multiple ways and even choose your infrastructure provider. Genesys can run in public cloud (Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure) as well as private cloud (Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud) or on premise. In addition, deploying the hybrid model of Genesys Multicloud CX lets you expand your on-premises environment with innovations from the Genesys Cloud CX platform.

    Hear From Genesys

    “We are very proud of IST – in less than three years they have stepped up and achieved such great results. Delivering innovation in a very competitive and challenging market is not easy. Over the last couple of years, IST has done a great job delivering customer success to major Genesys clients in the region and helping accelerate our new strategic solutions to the market. Now with their latest cloud offering powered by Genesys, there are new opportunities to deliver unique value on digital customer experience in the region”.

    Mohamed Afifi

    Managing Director, Middle East – Genesys