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Nūn Conversational IVR

Human Sounding Arabic AI-Powered
Conversational IVR

Nūn ن Conversational IVR | Applying AI Automation To Improve IVR

A New Era of Conversational IVR – IST’s Nun Conversational IVR differs from a traditional IVR in that it allows callers to interact with the menu in their own words, their own Arabic dialect, using voice commands in the way they prefer. This technology replaces push-button menus and empowers your customers to navigate through the IVR tree using only voice commands with artificial intelligence that understands human speech and routes calls accordingly—or even completes tasks without the need for a live agent.

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    Nūn Conversational IVR

    The critical aspect of customer experience is particularly true in any industry, where customers in their day-to-day activities are far less concerned with the business efficiencies than enjoying a seamless and efficient experience with their service provider. With our background in working in the CX industry, where we have analysed the gap between the customer experience and the methods used by the providers, we have an inherent passion for customer service.

    Moreover, having the development undertaken by the largest team of Arabic linguists along with speech and language engineers in the Middle East, we support Arabic as well as English. This embraces supporting colloquial language models covering Saudi Arabia, Egypt & other GCC accents, enriching the Arabs’ conversational IVR with experience and satisfaction.



    Accurately interprets currencies, formats, names, and numbers.


    This allows customers to state their needs in their own words, including complex queries. Our software understands the meaning behind customer queries with high accuracy. If a query is ambiguous, the technology will ask additional questions to understand. This results in a human-like dialog between customers and the software


    Install it on-premise to comply with your regulatory requirements and compliance


    Transform your IVR system into a valuable asset for strengthening customer relationships


    Everybody loves hearing his or her own name. Addressing someone by name creates a trigger in that person’s brain that says, “I’m being spoken to on an individual level”.

    Designed for IVR

    The solution is specifically designed for common IVR phrases. This means that IVR phrases and words can be read out flawlessly.

    Accurate Arabic TTS

    Accurate Arabic TTS will turn IVR dialog into more natural and engaging conversations. By pronouncing words and names correctly and naturally, Will allow the IVR to sound more human allowing for more meaningful and informative conversations.