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Alterian | Customer Journey Analytics

Uncover Buried Data and Visualize Real-Time Customer Journeys

Get The Data You Need, Listen, Learn, and Generate Recommended Actions 

Organizations today have an overwhelming amount of data available to them, yet wasted. 

Alterian Customer Journey Analytics is designed to help enterprises deliver the best possible customer experience at every touch point while helping them to maximize revenue and reduce churn.  

Alterian CX is not just another analytics tool – it’s a complete solution that provides actionable insights into how your customers interact with you across all channels (web, mobile, social), how they navigate your journey from start to finish, and how well each touch point is performing (customer data analytics).

Alterian uses your current technology and assets, with no rips or replace. Easy integrations to existing data sources. Deploys in weeks and provides accurate insight upon which to design new customer journeys. 

Alterian Customer Journey Analytics

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Delivered in real-time using the power of AI 


Leverage AI to uncover the hidden journeys buried in data 


Identify the impact of customer journey behavior on business objectives 


Simple implementation delivering rapid time to value 


Seamlessly integrate channels to listen and action journeys in real-time. Over 200+ Plug-ins.

Visualize your Actual Customer’s Journey 

The Customer Journey Analytics tool enables organizations to drill down into the performance of particular channels and see where customers drop out of a journey and do not reach their intended goal. This provides you with valuable insight into the areas where they need to take the next best action to improve the customer experience. The platform is also equipped with real-time data, which means you can make instant decisions and react quickly to any changes or trends in customer behavior. 

Alterian Customer Journey Analytics
Alterian Customer Journey Analytics

If you Cannot Measure, You Cannot Manage 

Whether your organization is searching for Acquisition, Satisfaction, Engagement, Retention, Testing or Cost, there is a CX Dashboard giving the answers. Alterian’s range of CX Dashboards can be filtered, exported, and can be easily extended. Dashboards also use AI to predict, model and profile performance and customer behavior. 

Unified Desktop View Across All Your Touch Points

Alterian is not just about data collection; it’s about understanding your audience and identifying opportunities to improve their experience with your brand, and no need to worry about juggling multiple reports or systems. By having a complete view of their behavior, you can tailor your marketing efforts to their needs, preferences, and pain points. This can lead to higher engagement, increased loyalty, and better business outcomes. 

Alterian Customer Journey Analytics



Connect channels and systems to discover critical journey roadblocks 


Convert more customers and recover abandoned channels in real-time. 


Reduce churn and operational cost and increase customer satisfaction


Fix broken journeys with real-time next-best-action recommendations to increase engagement to enhance customer acquisition