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Many enterprises may find providing a consistent and personalized customer experience extremely challenging. This is due to the tremendous amount of customer interactions they have to track and analyze from digital and non-digital touchpoints and experiences.

Today’s enterprises are more aware that their customers are on a unique journey. This is why they want to plan every journey step carefully. But this is not just about understanding where your customers are at each step in their journey – it’s about optimizing their entire experience.

Customer Journey Orchestration is about holistically synchronizing all touchpoints to meet the customer’s needs across multiple channels.

It doesn’t matter if these channels are entirely separate; journey orchestration is possible.

Businesses can now enhance their technology by moving to a more customer-led journey orchestration method. This process results in an increase in value throughout a customer’s lifecycles.

So, what is Customer Journey Orchestration? 

Most companies are still stuck managing their customer journeys one at a time. However, Alterian’s Customer Journey Orchestration tool empowers enterprises to deliver an end-to-end customer experience by orchestrating all customers’ journeys across all touch points in real-time.

Alterian’s Rapid Journey AI constantly learns and tunes itself based on customers’ real-time interactions and discovering new journeys. In no time, the AI can automatically optimize journey paths as customer behavior and touchpoints change.

This advanced way of working combines analytics with AI and machine learning to manage journey complexity. It eliminates the need for manual steps by automating them. The AI also automatically analyzes key customer behavior patterns. With this real-time data, enterprises can quickly act on what matters most: delivering the next best action to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Alterian’s Rapid Customer Journey AI Case Studies

Journey AI can increase productivity by over 10x. The following example use cases show the difference Journey AI can make.

With Journey AI, we can predict which path a customer will take. This means we can automatically display content that’s most relevant to them and surface it at the right time. It means we can ensure they see exactly what they need when needed.

This is more effective than bespoke projects through a data science team and custom development in each channel.

Right now, your business is missing out on a lot of opportunities. You can only identify prominent journeys to the human eye through manual analysis of reports and journey flow visualizations. A large amount of effort and resources are required.

But what if you could do more?

What if businesses could classify other journeys but weren’t evident to the human eye? What if you could automatically surface and categorize them so you can focus on enhancing those journeys instead of spending time identifying them?

With Journey AI, you can use deep learning techniques to automatically surface potential new journeys categorized by business and enhanced through orchestration. This approach is more scalable than manual intervention because it removes the need for human oversight.

Bottom line Conclusion

If you are not using Journey AI, you miss out on something BIG.

Alterian’s Journey AI is one of the most advanced technologies that automatically orchestrates micro journeys in real-time, depending on a customer’s behavior across all touchpoints. It is an AI-powered solution that lets you define your next best offer for each customer in real-time, depending on their behavior.

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