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Break Language Barriers, Unlock Global Resources

Modernizing Conversations with xChange.

The xChange solution enables organizations to overcome language barriers and leverage global resources while benefiting from cost savings. At its core, it facilitates communication between customers and agents who may not speak the same language by providing real-time translation using advanced machine translation AI.

Translation accuracy is of paramount importance, and xChange ensures the highest level of accuracy through its unique human-in-the-loop mechanism. This mechanism allows for real-time corrections, ensuring prompt addressing of any necessary adjustments or amendments to the translated text by the agent. Consequently, precise and effective communication between agents and customers is guaranteed.

Designed to enhance multilingual communication, xChange empowers customers to engage proficiently with agents in various languages. By utilizing this tool, customers can effortlessly type messages in their native language, which will be accurately translated to the agent’s language.

With its innovative capabilities, xChangeoffers organizations a streamlined solution toovercome language barriers, enabling them to expand their business to geographies that yield operational cost benefits. Moreover, it removes restrictions for organizations that operate in less widely spoken languages specific to certain regions, allowing them to access a wider pool of talent.

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Machine Language Translation

Effortlessly translate from foreign languages to English and vice versa


Sending interactions to human translators in real-time for precise correction of machine translations

Message Score

Identify and address potential translation issues at the message level algorithm

Seamless Integration

Easily integrate with Genesys Cloud for a streamlined user experience

Validator Intuitive interface

User-friendly interface for high-speed translations and efficient validation

Advanced Routing

Ensure that messages are delivered to the first available translator from a pool of translators for prompt

Continuous Improvements

Leverage corrected translations from validators to enhance the translation process over time, enabling subsequent messages to bypass validators for improved operational efficiency

Real-Time Reporting

Real-time and historical reporting on machine and human translation KPIs


High scalability architecture for effortless scaling from 10s to 1000s of agents

Security & Data Protection

Ensured security measures and personal information protection

Agent Workspace

xChange features an intuitive and user-friendly yet powerful interface, enabling agents to efficiently manage their conversations via the Genesys Cloud unified agent interface.

Seamless Genesys Cloud Integration, Agent-centric Experience, Status Management, Multi-conversation Management, Interactions Switching, and Enhanced Accuracy.

xChange workspace


Built-in Spellchecker

Automatically rectifying typographical errors during translation. This ensures message integrity, readability, and effective communication

Multi-Lingual Capabilties

Enables seamless multilingual communication, allowing agents to effectively handle customers with diverse language preferences. Provides automatic real-time translation between English and foreign languages (e.g., Danish, Dutch, German, and French).

Real-Time Translation Issue Detection

The system utilizes a message-level algorithm to identify potential issues in machine translations in real time, ensuring prompt resolution

Real-Time Human Correction

Our unique human-in-loop feature allows for real-time correction of machine translations by human translators. This ensures accurate and precise translations in real-time

Scoring System

Evaluate incoming messages and determine the appropriate course of action. For example, messages with a word count exceeding 10 are directed to validators, ensuring consistent translation behaviour and accuracy

Data Anonymization

A powerful PII Anonymizer feature, through advanced AI and machine learning techniques, personally identifiable information (PII) is identified and anonymized, ensuring heightened privacy and data security.

Translator Performance Reporting

Performance reports to track translator metrics such as idle time, delay time, and number of validations processed

What are IST’s Customers are saying?

  • IST was the chosen partner to implement and integrate Genesys omnichannel solution with our bespoke applications, thanks to thier local experience & support in KSA.

    Saeed Basad
    Saeed Basad Call Center Technologies Director - STC
  • IST made a great job of installing the solution and their experts always respond on the spot if we need support.

    Sary Shukry
    Sary Shukry Head of Operation Development, Complaint Management & Mobile Number Portability, Mobily
  • Although there are 3 main providers for Genesys solutions in Egypt, IST won our business. Above all, they offered the best support SLA. Thank You, IST.

    Abdulazziz Hussien Korany
    Abdulazziz Hussien Korany Customer Service Director, Egypt Post