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xCAI for Insurance

Human Sounding Arabic AI-Powered
Conversational IVR Designed For You

What is xCAI Insurance?

This critical aspect of customer experience is particularly true in the insurance industry. In going about their everyday life, customers couldn’t care less about business efficiency – all they want is a quick and seamless experience with their insurance provider.

With our background in working with the insurance services CX industry, where we have analysed the gap between the customer experience and the methods used by the providers, we have an inherent passion for customer service.

This has enabled us to create the xCAI Insurance to address these issues full-on without compromising any of the key business advantages for the insurance organisations themselves. By utilising the latest AI technologies, we offer the most sophisticated and seamless experience for both parties.

Why xCAI Insurance For Your Organization?

With product development undertaken by the largest team of Arabic linguists and speech and language engineers in the Middle East, we are also able to support the Arabic language as well as English. This includes the use of different regional dialects and accents across the region, including Saudi Arabia, Egypt, thereby enriching the Arabic Conversational IVR experience.

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xCAI Insurance Features


Accurately interprets currencies, formats, names, and numbers.


This allows customers to state their needs in their own words, including complex queries. Our software understands the meaning behind customer queries with high accuracy. If a query is ambiguous, the technology will ask additional questions to understand. This results in a human-like dialog between customers and the software


Install it on-premise to comply with your regulatory requirements and compliance


Transform your IVR system into a valuable asset for strengthening customer relationships


Everybody loves hearing his or her own name. Addressing someone by name creates a trigger in that person’s brain that says, “I’m being spoken to on an individual level”.

xCAI Insurance has been developed to offer significant benefits to both the business and the consumer

For The Business

For The Business

Reduced Operational Costs – automation will enable the optimisation of the number of people required to deliver the quality service required. In addition, operational efficiencies will reduce the amount of training and support required.

Greater Customer Retention – the improvements in the customer experience will enhance customer retention (and acquisition) through an improved reputation.

Improved First Call Resolution – as we support Arabic and English, this embraces supporting colloquial language models covering Saudi Arabia, Egypt & other GCC accents, enriching the Arabs’ conversational IVR with experience and satisfaction and simply leading to greater productivity.

For The Customer

For The Customer

More Personal Experience – By having dedicated services for the Insurance sector along with personalised greetings, customers will enjoy an enhanced personal experience, further supported by xCAI offering of colloquial Arabic as well as English language options.

Reducing Call Duration – Intelligent voice services for common tasks that reduce endless IVR menus and improve first call resolution, thereby leading to shorter AHTs and improved efficiency.

On-the-go Services – Your customers won’t need to sit down and have their mobile phones in front of them to obtain information about their insurance. Now they can finish all their needs while they are on the go, simply by talking to xCAI.