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Daon Identity Management

Daon, Digital Onboarding for Banking in the Digital Age

Customers seek secure and seamless interactions, they want what is quick and easy while ensuring their safety. If you want to build lasting trust with your customers and manage your customers’ onboarding activities seamlessly, Daon has the solution. 

Digital Onboarding has never been easier, Daon offers several biometrics solutions to fit your Digital Banking needs. Using the approach of identity continuity, Daon’s biometrics solutions create one digital identity for each customer that lasts throughout the customer’s entire identity lifecycle, ensuring secure and hassle-free onboarding in Digital Banking.

How do Daon Biometrics Solutions Scale-up the Digital Onboarding Process?

Daon’s biometrics solutions, secure and speed up the digital onboarding process, enabling customers to access, transfer, and authenticate in the blink of an eye and without the need for any interaction with their bank. Daon’s biometrics solutions elevate the digital onboarding process using: 


An identity platform that will give you the means to secure customer interactions in every way. IdentityX supports all of Daon’s identity authentication applications including:  


Biometric facial authentication is designed to provide the highest level of security, available on mobile apps, websites via webcams, and even kiosks with cameras. It works by asking customers to scan their faces while attempting to access their accounts. The image captured is then checked against anti-spoofing factors as well as matched to the biometric file, when matched the customer is then granted access. 


Biometric voice authentication is designed to be used anytime and anywhere to authenticate any customer. XVoice biometrics include active voice authentication (requiring the customer to speak a specific phrase) and passive voice authentication (requiring the customer to simply participate in a conversation that can be analyzed). 


Identity proofing and verification that utilizes biometrics to securely onboard customers. The customer is asked to consent to have their biometric information captured, then asked to capture the front and back sides of the identity document, and lastly asked to capture a selfie to match the image taken. 


Multi-factor authentication solution customized to your unique needs. Including App OTP, SMS OTP, PIN, Fingerprint, Password, Registered Device, Face ID, Push Notifications, and so much more.

Daon Biometrics Differentiators

  • Multi-channel Authentication
    As users convert across multiple channels, the system moves along with them seamlessly
  • Phrase Independent Enrollment
    Allows passive and active authentication
  • Massive ID database + OCR, car code & NFC Support
  • Comprehensive
    Aliveness detection, protection from voice replay, rubber masks, and fake IDs
  • Low Latency
    In terms of 2 seconds of authentication and 12 seconds of enrollment
  • Multi-step
    Accumulates voice from several phrases to enroll a user
  • Can be deployed on Prem and on Cloud 

What will you gain? 

By using Daon Digital Onboarding, you’re saving time and money by reducing costs and reducing abandonment rates through AHT reduction by eliminating security questions, onboarding in a matter of minutes, and likely increasing customer loyalty. In addition to, increasing customer satisfaction rates and engagement as well as providing security, transparency, and building long-lasting relationships with your customers. 

Bottom line, we’re now in the AI-powered digital age and according to Deloitte “Biometrics should be a win-win for banks. Not only can biometrics play a critical role in detecting and mitigating fraud, synthetic or otherwise, but it may help expand financial inclusion and provide more secure and seamless customer experiences”. Daon Digital Onboarding will help you know your customer, gain their trust, and create long-lasting customer relationships.

Don’t miss out. Get started with Daon Digital Onboarding today, contact us, and learn more.


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