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Genesys PureConnect

The All-in-One Contact Center

Genesys PureConnect – The All-in-one contact center

Give customers and employees what they need and deserve with an all-in-one platform. Instead of the spending the time and money to upgrade an outdated and complex infrastructure, choose a solution that lets you engage customers and employees today and as their expectations evolve. The right all-in-one single platform solution:

  • Strengthens customer loyalty because they can communicate with you the way they want.
  • Empowers agents to engage with customers properly and succeed at their jobs.
  • Simplifies performance measurement and management across channels for supervisors and managers.
  • Frees IT staff to deliver what the business needs, when it’s needed.

Hear From Genesys

“We are very proud of IST – in less than three years they have stepped up and achieved such great results. Delivering innovation in a very competitive and challenging market is not easy. Over the last couple of years, IST has done a great job delivering customer success to major Genesys clients in the region and helping accelerate our new strategic solutions to the market. Now with their latest cloud offering powered by Genesys, there are new opportunities to deliver unique value on digital customer experience in the region”.

Mohamed Afifi

Managing Director, Middle East – Genesys

Enquire About Genesys PureConnect

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PureConnect is part of the Genesys Customer Experience Platform portfolio, designed to help your business deliver a consistent, seamless, and personalized next-generation customer experience.

How PureConnect Can Help

Simplify for a Better Customer Experience PureConnect is an all-in-one multichannel engagement solution that is rapid to deploy, simple to administer, flexible, easily tailored, and cost-effective for mid-size to large organizations. Available both in the cloud and on premise, PureConnect lets you replace multiple point solutions with a single platform that supports empowered employees and loyal customers

Do more with less

An all-in-one multichannel platform enables you to deliver a better customer experience while greatly simplifying administration, increasing operational performance, and reducing total cost of ownership.

Maximize flexibility and protect investments

An open, standards-based architecture gives you the flexibility to tailor applications to meet your unique business requirements. You also protect investments by integrating PureConnect with any existing application.

Speed time to value

A single set of broad and deep applications allows you to rapidly deploy and turn on new applications and services when you’re ready— new functionality is built right into existing interfaces.

Replace a Complex Infrastructure with a Single Platform

Collapse complex environments with the PureConnect all-in-one architecture to make life simple, improve performance and, most importantly, provide customers a more effortless experience regardless of how they choose to engage with you. Support up to 10,000 concurrent agents on one server with a single set of integrated applications.

Simplify your infastructure with PureConnect

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