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Explore the Power of Customer Journey Orchestration by Alterian

Alterian’s Real-Time CX Platform combines the power of AI with advanced Customer Journey Analytics and Real-Time Journey Orchestration to accelerate your business’ customer-led journey transformation and allow you to achieve more. 

Customer Journey Orchestration is about synchronizing all touchpoints so your customer needs are fully met across multiple channels. It doesn’t matter if these channels are entirely separate; journey orchestration is possible. 

Incorporating  Alterian’s Journey Orchestration allows your business to remain agile and competitive through Cross Channel Personalization, Cross-channel unification, and real-time personalization appearing in all channels, depending on customer behavior. It is essential that your CX strategy connects all channels and makes them work as one. This will ensure that your customers are treated in one high standardized way no matter where they interact with you. 

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AI Powered real-time journey analysis

Journey Orchestration designed for usability and time to value 

Best in class client experience committed to achieving your goals 

Simple built-in integrations and connectors to existing tools 

Simple scalable setup model for any use case or business need

Global partner network of CX, marketing and technology leaders 

Omnichannel Integration seamlessly integrate channels to listen and action journeys in real-time

Why Customer Journey Orchestration by Alterian?

AI-Powered Next-Best Offer 

Customers expect brands to respond and reach out to them in under 100 milliseconds across any channel they choose.  This makes it challenging for many organzations  to keep up with Alterian AI-Powered Joureny Orchestration Platform offers using Models to make the next best recommendations and drive personalization or using the Multi-Armed Bandit Tile to automatically roll out the best-performing content. 

Alterian CJO
Alterian CJO

Build and Visualize  

Alterian’s Journey Orchestration Platform also reduces overheads, easily visualizes breakpoints in customers journeys and gives the ability to orchestrate unique and precise customer journeys through relevant real-time messaging. 

With Alterian’s Experience Designer you can create enhanced experiences in seconds covering all your channels.  Using a Library of out of the box logic and connector tiles as building blocks. it’s easy to add and edit standard logic and any of the channels.  The visual flow makes it straightforward for your teams to understand your journey. 


Alterian has been recognized as a LEADER in The Forrester Wave™: Journey Orchestration Platforms, Q2 2022. 

Our Real-Time CX platform helps companies adapt to the new customer-led era by discovering the real journeys that customers take across channels, enabling brands to act on those insights with journey orchestration that delivers on critical business objectives. 

Alterian’s Real-time CX platform helps businesses: 

Identify the top journey’s business impact through journey analytics 

Realize rapid time to value through journey orchestration playbooks 

Easily integrate with existing solutions and accelerate adoption 

Alterian received the highest scores possible in 15 criteria, including Journey Orchestration, Journey Behavior Analysis, Client Experience, Usability and Scalability. 


Alterian Customer Journey Orchestration

What are IST’s Customers are saying?

  • IST was the chosen partner to implement and integrate Genesys omnichannel solution with our bespoke applications, thanks to thier local experience & support in KSA.

    Saeed Basad
    Saeed Basad Call Center Technologies Director - STC
  • IST made a great job of installing the solution and their experts always respond on the spot if we need support.

    Sary Shukry
    Sary Shukry Head of Operation Development, Complaint Management & Mobile Number Portability, Mobily
  • Although there are 3 main providers for Genesys solutions in Egypt, IST won our business. Above all, they offered the best support SLA. Thank You, IST.

    Abdulazziz Hussien Korany
    Abdulazziz Hussien Korany Customer Service Director, Egypt Post