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Verint | Branch Recording

Capture face-to-face interactions for quality, compliance and sales effectiveness

Although organizations have captured and monitored customer interactions in their contact centers for years, few possess capabilities for doing the same with live interactions in branch and off-premises venues, such as retail outlets or field offices.

Verint Branch Recording is a scalable, robust recording solution that can capture face-to-face interactions between employees and customers at distributed business locations, helping your organization ensure quality, improve sales, and meet regulatory compliance requirements, while avoiding costly fines and protecting its reputation with consumers.

Verint Face-to-Face Voice Interaction Recording can help you ensure that employees in branch and field situations comply with regulations and policies while offering deeper insight into how effectively they handle sales opportunities and other interactions with customers. It can also provide you with a convenient way to verify in-person conversations in the event of a dispute or misunderstanding

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Gain Visibility into Daily Interactions

Branch and field networks play a critical role in many organizations, helping them enhance customer relationships through in-person interactions to fulfill service requests, offer new products, and address concerns and issues. However, many lack visibility into the quality and accuracy of these interactions. This can represent a serious risk — not only in terms of compliance, but also with customer experience and sales effectiveness

Key Benefits

Enables retrieval and review of conversations for quality and compliance.

Records sales and/or advisory conversations in branch, retail, and remote office environments

Verify in-person conversations in the event of disputes or misunderstandings.

Reduce or eliminate the need for traditional archiving solutions

When deployed with Quality Management, Verint Branch Recording can enable managers to centrally review audio and screen recordings and evaluate the quality and effectiveness of their interactions with customers.

The solution can also be augmented with Speech Analytics to provide sophisticated conversational analytics for automatically identifying, grouping, and organizing words and phrases spoken during face-to-face branch recordings into themes, helping to reveal rising trends and areas of opportunity or concern. You can also pre-configure specific categories based on keywords, helping you monitor trends regarding product and service perceptions and be alerted to critical interactions.