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Social Data Router (SDR)

React to your customers’ Social Media posts

A Single Routing Engine for Social Media

SDR is compatible with Cisco and Genesys Contact Centers

Social Data Router (SDR) allows your contact center agents to engage with customers across different Social Media platforms through a single router. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter are all supported by SDR.


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IST’s Social Data Router (SDR) will route all your social engagements from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn directly to your Contact Center agents, who are trained to respond to each particular feed. SDR is constantly updated to support the latest Social Media trends and platforms of today and tomorrow. 

Designed for Genesys and Cisco Contact Centers

SDR allows you to leverage the powerful features within Genesys and Cisco contact centers and apply them to your social media channels. Priority routing can be set up for certain customers and agent capacity rules mean your agents are utilized effectively, handling one or more customer interactions at a time. 

The Universal Queue of Genesys and Cisco will apply to all SDR’s social channels too, resulting in an efficient controlled feed of customer interactions, whether they are voice, email, SMS, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and other channels your organization uses.

Total integration

Manage all your social interactions on familiar desktops.

Familiar agent desktop

SDR supports both Cisco and Genesys Contact Center platforms, which means your agents are using the same desktop as before, hence lowering training costs to almost zero. The SDR connector is ‘plug and play’, meaning you can turn it on or off depending on your organizational marketing objectives.

Future-proof with Social Channels of today and tomorrow

Social Media channels come and go. How customers use them and the type of interactions vary from platform to platform. For example, LinkedIn conversations are often more professional and are generally by older ‘professional’ customers, whilst Instagram engagement tend to by more light hearted and emotional and by a younger audience who will share your content widely. Both will require care and attention when responding.

By capturing customer social engagement across many platforms, you will capture a wider and more diverse customer base of data, allowing you to react effectively and pro-actively with the market intelligence captured.

Integrated Reporting

The SDR connector provides data that can be consumed by your reporting engine and displayed easily.

Universal Queue & Routing

Routing images, comments, replies to agent to take action. Integrated with Genesys or Cisco routing engine covering all the functions of Capacity routing and priority routing.

Agent Desktop Integration

Ability to see the interactions within the Genesys Workspace or Cisco Finesse providing a unified agent desktop view.

Integrated Reporting

Fully integrated reporting covering all interactions reports (Summary interactions report, Detailed Interactions report, Agent Activities report).

Social Platforms

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn (new platforms can be added).