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One Identity-Proofing Solution For All

Identity Proofing and Authentication Solutions

Daon’s suite of solutions can help you build a secure, low-friction process for managing any customer’s onboarding and access activities.

Identity proofing and verification is the first step to building lasting trust with your customer. The process involves capturing both an identity document and a facial biometric, insuring both are live, real, and unaltered, and then making sure that they match.

With Daon, we provide identity proofing and verification solutions that are safe, simple, and universal, giving you a single, central, data-powered identity for each and every customer – one that lasts their entire identity lifecycle. We call this approach identity continuity, and it’s the backbone of Daon’s entire suite of products.

Doan offers a wide range of identity proofing solutions covering many aspects like CIAM Platforms,Identity Authentication, Contact Center Authentication & Travel Document Verification and more.


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On Prem/Cloud

Platform may be deployed both on prem and on the cloud


The platform can be used to authenticate on any channel that supports voice or ability to take picture with at camera or has NFC  to read from ID card

Phrase Independent

Phrase independent enrollment and authentication does not require users to pronounce a certain pre-defined phrase


It accumulates the voice and listens to it in intervals

Low Latency

Low Latency in terms of performance authentication in under 2 seconds, enrolment in 12 seconds


Aliveness detection, protection from using printed or phone ID instead of original, protection from using voice replay, protection against rubber masks

ID Database

Database of 9000+ ID formats (national ID’s, driving licenses) for multiple countries

Leader Position

Gartner, Opus Research, Frost & Sullivan, JAVELIN



A 5th generation hosted identity management platform that supports all of Daon’s identity proofing and authentication applications across multiple channels.



A Cloud-native, SaaS-based identity continuity platform revolutionizes the way you manage your customer’s digital identity journey. From proofing, to authentication, to recovery, TrustX™ gives you every tool you need to create secure, custom processes – and you won’t need a development team to do it.



A portfolio of authentication factors for building a customized multi-factor authentication solution to fit the needs of your organization and your customers.



Integrate with Daon’s platforms and authentication products to create central, singular customer identities that transfer across applications and channels.



Unlike the yes/no black box of 3rd party biometrics, xFace gives you visibility into the matching probabilities and lets you manage pass/fail to balance between security and user experience.



Built with industry-leading passive and active voice matching algorithms and anti-spoofing technology, including replay, synthetic speech, pre-seen audio, and distorted and continuous voice detection, you can securely register and authenticate the voice of any customer.

Experience the Benefits of Truly Knowing Your Customer

Daon’s proofing and verification solution is the perfect balance of security and simplicity.

  • Remove barriers to customer onboarding
  • Reduce abandonment rates
  • Mitigate identity fraud
  • Deliver frictionless identity recovery

What are IST’s Customers are saying?

  • IST was the chosen partner to implement and integrate Genesys omnichannel solution with our bespoke applications, thanks to thier local experience & support in KSA.

    Saeed Basad
    Saeed Basad Call Center Technologies Director - STC
  • IST made a great job of installing the solution and their experts always respond on the spot if we need support.

    Sary Shukry
    Sary Shukry Head of Operation Development, Complaint Management & Mobile Number Portability, Mobily
  • Although there are 3 main providers for Genesys solutions in Egypt, IST won our business. Above all, they offered the best support SLA. Thank You, IST.

    Abdulazziz Hussien Korany
    Abdulazziz Hussien Korany Customer Service Director, Egypt Post