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Nūn Live | Text to Speech

Speak with Nūn ن. Natural Sounding Intelligent Voice.

Nūn ن Live is optimized for Contact Center IVR

Speak with Nūn ن! Designed and built by the biggest Arabic team of linguists in the Middle East focusing on speech technologies within the contact center. Nūn ن transforms calls into human-like conversations.​

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Nūn Live Features

Language Support

Accurate Arabic & English TTS. Accurate TTS will turn traditional IVR dialog into more natural and engaging conversations. Pronouncing words naturally, will allow the IVR to sound more human allowing for more meaningful and informative conversations.

Prosody Effects

Volume, pitch, speed and rate of speech can be controlled.

Text Normalization

Ability to correctly read out different date formats, time, currencies, abbreviations and names.

Custom Voices

Custom voices available for unique organization needs.This ensures that each organization has its own unique brand voice.


Implements a tailored engine that automatically vowelizes incoming Arabic text.This allows the solution to pronounce words accurately.

Dialect Localization

Gulf Arabic Male voice available. This will give organizations residing in the Gulf Areas an authentic local voice.

Designed for IVR

The solution is specifically designed for common IVR phrases. This means that IVR phrases and words can be read out flawlessly.

Accurate Arabic TTS

Accurate Arabic TTS will turn IVR dialog into more natural and engaging conversations. By pronouncing words and names correctly and naturally, Will allow the IVR to sound more human allowing for more meaningful and informative conversations.


Everybody loves hearing their own names. Addressing someone by name creates a trigger in that person’s brain that says “I'm being spoken to on an individual level”. With Personalized conversations, customers can be greeted by name. This will allow organizations to communicate with their customers on a human level; by creating a more intimate bond with their customers. ​

Nūn Text to Speech

Nūn ن’s Text-to-Speech Engine solves many of the common problems associated with understanding the complexity of the Arabic language. For this reason, Nūn ن is able to pronounce complex Arabic words and names just like a human native Arabic speaker.

Focus is one of the solution’s key strengths; it is optimized for contact center use and is particularly familiar with common IVR phrases, giving it even higher read out accuracy. Whats more, Nūn ن is an industry-focused solution, therefore is able to accurately pronounce specific industry jargon