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Verint | Enterprise Feedback Management

Proactively Engage Customers & Employees To Gain Feedback

Customers and employees are some of the best sources of information to help grow your business. But passively “listening” to them is not enough. To gain the greatest benefit, you need to proactively engage them and use their input to drive enterprise action and accountability.

Drive Action, Accountability, and an Enhanced Customer Experience

With Verint Enterprise Feedback Management, you can transform customer feedback into Actionable Intelligence® to help enhance customer service, satisfaction, and loyalty by:

  • Creating sophisticated, branded surveys and emails using dozens of templates, questions, and themes to help improve response results
  • Centralizing multichannel feedback and case management initiatives on a single, scalable solution
  • Managing satisfaction and loyalty program metrics, such as promoter score.
    Enabling easy survey participation through mobile-optimized surveys
  • Targeting and segmenting customers to gain deeper insight through panels
  • Identifying future trends and operational improvements, aligning customer feedback with journey tracking and analysis
  • Measuring employee feedback to help improve training and retention

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Verint Enterprise Feedback Management Features

Verint® Enterprise Feedback Management™ can help you engage your customers and employees to capture, analyze, track, and act on their feedback in a closed-loop process across the organization. Designed specifically for business users, this flexible, scalable solution includes:

Multichannel Surveying

Multichannel surveying for capturing customer input across telephone, email, web, SMS, and mobile channels.

Multi-Modal Campaigns

Multi-modal campaigns for deploying a single survey easily via multiple modes (open participation, email lists, panels, and social media).

Conditonal Logic

Conditional logic and branching based on campaign type to allow specific interactions by audience.

Full Integration

Full integration with Verint Workforce Optimization organizational hierarchies to facilitate the deployment of surveys and reports.

Create and Manage Surveys

With Verint Enterprise Feedback Management, it’s easy to create surveys — just choose from a selection of industry best-practices templates, import questions from Microsoft® Word, or use the solution’s flexible editor to build your own. Branching, validation, data piping, quotas, invite cool-down rules, page randomization, and other advanced features can help you gather the data you need while reducing survey fatigue. Better still, you can easily import data from CRM systems and other external sources to help make surveys more contextual and relevant.

Apply Results To Drive Actions And Insights

Having captured data, you can turn it into actionable results using real-time dashboards, analytics, and reporting. You can easily aggregate and track data across all surveys, different types of surveys, and various time periods in a single view. You can even track data by individual customer. This insight can help you unify disparate approaches, systems, and survey processes to facilitate targeted, informed business decisions. And you can automatically export survey data via a scheduled file export process, so that it can be imported into external systems.

Easily Capture Feedback

Captures feedback from customers and employees efficiently and proactively across a wide variety of channels, including social media sites.

Unify Your Feedback

Provides a single, enterprise survey and case management solution that can unify feedback from across your organization.

Improve Response Rates

Manages the frequency and timing of surveys to help eliminate “feedback fatigue” and improve response rates.

Consolidate Response Data

Consolidates response data across surveys, time periods, and individual customers and presents a single view of trends.