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Genesys Enterprise Workload Management

The Single Brain to distribute tasks to the right people at the right time to reduce costs and improve customer retention.

Distribute tasks intelligently across your entire workforce

IST’s experience with workload management allows enterprise organizations to finely tune and optimize their workload against their workforce that will reduce operational cost and provide end-to-end customer satisfaction.​

Utilizing the latest technology from Genesys, Enterprise Workload Management (EWM) offers the enterprise customer the ability to manage their entire organizations tasks and distribute them effectively and efficiently using a custom set of business rules.

Enquire About Genesys Enterprise Workload Management

  • Enterprise Workload Management

    Enterprise Workload is the single brain for your organization.​

    Many enterprise organisations today deploy a multitude of bespoke support systems that collect, distribute
    and analyse data whilst simultaneously keeping customers at the forefront.

    Enterprise organisations typically need to integrate custom applications, workflow, business process management,
    ticketing, email, spread sheets and other web based systems that will inevitably produce bottlenecks with
    workload distribution and execution.

    As tasks from multiple sources start to pile up, individuals are forced to manually correlate these requests and
    prioritise their efforts, often ‘cherry picking’ the tasks they feel most comfortable and neglecting
    more challenging tasks.

    Genesys Enterprise Workload Management (EWM) offers an automated enterprise workload management solution
    that enables your workforce to be more productive and motivated whilst delivering an exceptional customer
    experience. EWM becomes the single brain for all your operations.

    EWM will help optimise and manage your workforce to focus on areas that impact the customer
    experience the most.

    Benefits Of EWM

    Optimize your workforce and increase morale

    Your workforce is made up of individuals that have various skillsets. EWM can optimise workload by understanding which tasks are performed best by which individual resulting in a workforce that has high morale and motivation leading to lower employee turnover.

    Improve customer experience

    Time critical tasks are prioritised accordingly, ensuring no deadlines are breached and no customer promises are broken, taking your customer experience to the next level.

    Execute your business strategy

    Tasks that have strategic business importance are pushed to the front and dealt with quickly.

    Real-time operational efficiency

    EWM’s single brain allows effective real-time monitoring of workforce/workload performance that conventional multi-sourced systems can never achieve. This operational efficiency leads to real cost savings that has a short ROI.