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Verint | Knowledge Management

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What is Knowledge Management?

Customers and employees both struggle to find answers. Your employees work actively to seek out knowledge sources (e.g. library search, seeking out an expert, collaborating with a coworker etc.), your customer expectations for service are constantly rising and so is the complexity of the typical service.

Knowledge management is fundamentally about making the right knowledge or the right knowledge sources (including people) available to the right people at the right time.

The Verint Knowledge Management platform is a scalable solution that
can make it easy to deliver the right information to your employees
and to customers through self-service.

With Knowledge Management in your customer service strategy, you can gain measurable benefits when it comes to advancing the speed, accuracy, consistency and agility of your service delivery

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Provide, Anticipate & Create


A superior customer experience at a reduced cost


What customers want and predict what they are about to ask.


A repository of policies and procedures to deliver consistent answers to customer questions.

Discover Knowledge Management

AI-infused knowledge management solutions enhance the way that
knowledge is created, managed, and maintained.

Improve intent derivation for better knowledge findability. Understanding customer intent requires an analysis of the terms that customers use to frame a question. Knowledge management solutions include industry-specific intent libraries. Typically, knowledge workers further enhance these libraries by using AI to train intent models with recorded utterances or chat logs. This allows knowledge management solutions to surface the right answer for the user’s  question.

Optimize knowledge by surfacing insights. AI can analyze session behavior to understand how knowledge is used. AI can pinpoint the most commonly used knowledge as well as gaps in knowledge.

It can also help assess the quality of knowledge by analyzing associated ratings and feedback.

Key Benefits

Lower average handle time

Increased First Contact Resolution

Increased Employee Engagement

Reduced Training Cost and Time

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Multi-Skilled Agents