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Mobile App Development

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Not just any app, its a


Create amazingly beautiful mobile apps for iPhone and Android that truly reflects your organisation, that are fully integrated to your back office business systems.Customers are demanding more self-service from their suppliers as they expect to engage with you on their terms. BlueCrunch doesn’t just create mobile apps, they make them come alive with simple to use graphical interface and cleverly designed workflows that all users would find easy to use.

Apps that come ALIVE

Having mastered the art of the app development by building top mobile apps on Android and iOS, we work in partnership with you to fully understand your product or service, and your customers to deliver optimum results. Mobile users engage with their devices for very short periods of time. Experiences need to be personalized, efficient and enjoyable to keep them engaged. As 97% of business customers quote ‘ease of use’ as the most important when it comes to mobile apps.

We do not just build apps. We design superior mobile user experiences for busy time-poor customers. We provide customizable applications using Virtual and Augmented Reality, Chabot, Geo-locations, Payments, Notifications, Reporting & Analytics and detailed User Behavior metrics.

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Resource Optimization

It may sound simple. but optimal use of mobile resources will deliver a stable mobile app that does not exhaust the phone resources and provide the user with an exceptional experience. When designing any app, we consider:

Data / Security consumption

Battery optimzation

Storage reduction

Memory optimization

Efficient Data loading for speedy use


Secure and Reliability

  • We do not take security lightly. All our apps are developed with strict compliance with industry best practices. Our team employ the latest security standards including OWASP, XGuard and IXGuard.

Mobile Geo-tracking

  • Modern mobile devices have a number of built-in sensors that can be used to deliver a better user experience. GPS location tracking, cameras, accelerometer, bio-metric
    sensors can all be used in conjuction to provide the customer with the tools to engage with your app.
    Data captured with these sensors will provide powerful insight information for your organization to act on.

Better mobile experience

  • Mobile app development starts and ends with users. The UX is the single mort important factor that determines if apps are successful or not. Without a thorough understanding of your end-users’ in-app behavioral patterns or psychological foundations, you won’t be able to build a mobile experience that customers like.
    UX involves everything affecting a user’s perception and interaction with a product. Developing a mobile app with this solid understanding, will eradicate discomfort points
    cement customer expectations.