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Nūn Studio

On-demand. Text to Speech Services

Audio Files Ready for Instant Use

Nūn Studio is an on-demand text-to-speech service designed to deliver organizations perfect quality audio files ready for instant use. Organizations simply provide the text they need to be voiced and Nūn Studio uses IST’s powerful TTS engine to generate pleasant human-sounding speech, which is then fine-tuned and tweaked by one of the largest teams of Arabic linguists in the Middle East.

Nūn ن’s Text-to-Speech Engine solves many of the common problems associated with understanding the complexity of the Arabic language. For this reason, Nūn ن is able to pronounce complex Arabic words and names just like a human native Arabic speaker.

Focus is one of the solution’s key strengths; it is optimized for contact center use and is particularly familiar with common IVR phrases, giving it even higher read out accuracy. Whats more, Nūn ن is an industry-focused solution, therefore is able to accurately pronounce specific industry jargon.

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Nūn Studio Features

On-Demand TTS

Fast Delivery

High Quality Audio

Perfectly Tuned TTS

Arabic & English Voices

Pay For What You Need

Consistent Voice For Your Brand

Maintain a consistent voice for your brand without having to rely on your voice artists’ schedules or go through the hassle of retaining them.

Faster Time To Market

Hiring and recording with voice artists requires weeks even, months. However, by immediately synthesizing text into speech, products and/or services can be delivered over the IVR in a shorter time.

Perfectly Tuned TTS

Adjusting volume, speed and pitch will no longer be your job. Nūn Studio will be responsible for delivering your voice needs with the highest quality of sound.