Automation & Analytics Key To Futuristic Insurance Industry

Traditional insurance companies will find it increasingly challenging to generate attractive returns unless they swiftly adopt digital technologies. And the data shows that those who adapt are much more likely to flourish.

Optimum CX today now means guiding customers through:

  • Automated self-help processes using digital communication & sales automation
  • Automated product recommendation
  • Predictive analytics-based insights using AI-powered tools

Futuristic Digital Technologies To Scale Up Your CX


Customer Journey Orchestration


Intelligent Workload Distributor


AI-Powered Conversational IVR

Transforming the Claim Journey

Using Alterian Customer Journey Orchestration

Insurance claims are considered one of the highest requested services by insurance company customers.

This really underscores the critical need for measuring, understanding, and re-assessing new ways of addressing evolving customer behaviors.

And this is where Alterian’s Customer Journey Orchestration comes in – allowing you to accelerate digital transformation within weeks.

Transforming Claim Journey

How Does Alterian Work?


It identifies key trends & patterns across your customer’s journey.


It uses rapid journey AI analysis to understand your customer’s needs.

Tackling CX Challenges Insurance 2022

It identifies key trends & patterns across your customer’s journey.


It runs a conversations with your customers in real time guiding them to their right destination for their Journey.

Improving Claim Management

Improving the Claim management process

Using IWD Intelligent Workload Distribution (Task Routing)

Improving workforce efficiency across the claims management process is considered one of the top challenges for insurance companies.

  • Work items such as claim-related enquiries are often created on multiple systems across the channels.
  • Workload allocation, such as assigning claim management cases, is often performed manually by supervisors/managers or cherrypicked by employees.
  • Managers have limited insights on SLAs, backlogs, and individual employee / operations performance.

But With Intelligent Workload Distribution, Insurance companies can

  • Improve service quality and agility of operation management.
  • Increase efficiency, resource utilization, occupancy rate, and employee satisfaction.
  • Reduce AHT, error rate, and time between tasks.
  • Move decision of task prioritization from individuals (employees) to management.
  • Improve SLAs and customer experience.

Improving the Claim submission process

Using Nun Conversational IVR

Insurance businesses generally receive high daily volumes of queries, from both new prospects looking for the right policy and existing policyholders seeking ongoing assistance.

But with Nun Conversational IVR, insurers can provide a seamless customer service experience and significantly improve the CSAT scores.

Customers gain immediate answers to their questions anytime, anywhere without calling the customer care representatives.

Covers claim eligibility, policy details, expiration dates, renewal, and premium dues.

Improving the Claim submission process

Why Nun Conversational IVR?

Easier to navigate for the customer

Embedded AI Automation within the IVR experience

Replace push buttons with voice commands for IVR interaction

Flattening the IVR Tree and making services more easily available

Allows customers to state their needs in their own words, and with their own Arabic accents, including complex queries

Designed with the help of experts in the Insurance industry to thoroughly cover a wide range of insurance services which helped us to design an Intents Catalog to enhance and ease the customer experience.  

E-book: Tackling CX Challenges in The Insurance Industry 2022

IST created this e-book to empower Insurers in the current economic climate to discover Digital Technologies that would help them manage a large number of claims without forcing employees to work on siloed work bins and multiple desktop views, causing operational issues. End disjointed claim submission journeys, causing customer churn. Eliminate DTMF push button technologies, causing poor customer experience.

Download the e-book to learn:

  • Improving the Claim Submission Journey with Alterian – Customer Journey Orchestration
  • Improving the Claim Management Process with Intelligent Workload Distribution (Task Routing)
  • Improving the Claim Submission Process with Nun Conversational IVR