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Fully integrated omnichannel customer feedback manager

xHive: Hear, Interpret, View and Engage

xHive is a fully integrated enterprise omnichannel customer feedback solution that makes it easy for your organization to gather important actionable insights from your customers.

xHive works across all channels, including but not limited to, web chat, email engagement, social engagement, native in-app, and contact centers. Coming with ready-made connectors for both Cisco and Genesys contact centers.

Designed for business users, with a simple to use interface that empowers users to achieve optimum results with minimal effort.

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Hear, Interpret, View & Engage


Hear how your customers perceive your brand through dynamic survey logic.


Powerful dashboards provide the ability to drill down to interpret root causes.


360° view of any customer feedback across all campaigns and channels.


Feedback is auto routed to stakeholder, then actioned, so the loop can be closed.


xHive gathers feedback from customers by two methods.

  1. Post-interaction survey, engage with the right customer, right questions at the right time, across all communication channels through xHive’s precise auto-targeting and segmentation engine.
  2. Manually-targeted survey, manually upload a targeted contact list. Add intelligence to your list by using our tagging and sorting features.

xHive comes with a graphical drag and drop survey builder to create your own surveys from scratch. As well as a variety of question & survey templates such as NPS, C-SAT, CES and many more that enables your organization to swiftly launch surveys.
Empower your users to make informed decisions and see the greater picture.

Key Features

Static and dynamic rule-based logic surveys

Easy-to-use drag and drop survey builder

Omnichannel customer feedback

Auto-routing and close the loop capabilities

Arabic sentiment analysis and
topic monitoring

Real-time interactive dashboard

Key Benefits

Instant retention

Instant retention for at-risk customers.

Better CX

Deliver better CX with close the loop feature.

Omni 360

Omni 360 view of customer journey.

Easy To Use

Easy to use user interface.

Feed Dynamic Content

Feed dynamic content into published surveys.

Automated Reports

Automated reports and alerts.