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A Streamlined Digital Engagement Solution Designed to Offer your Customers a Seamless Experience.

xDEC ( x Digital Engagement Cloud)  a forward-thinking cloud-based multi-tenant digital engagement solution specialized in omnichannel messaging. Future-ready, it effortlessly aligns with current social and digital channels while remaining adaptable to emerging ones. leveraging generative AI (LLM) and AI-powered , xDEC is engineered to simplify customer touchpoints and bolster agent productivity. A seamless blend with chatbot/virtual assistants ensures conversations unfold naturally, complemented by smooth integration with third-party CRMs

Designed for the Digital Agents, each feature and design element in this solution focuses on simplifying processes and enhancing efficiency, ensuring swift and straightforward task completion. Our ethos, is how do we make the life of the agents simple, ensuring they consistently provide superior customer care. Agents have access to AI Assist and suggested response tools, which harness the capabilities of generative AI platforms and prominent language models like ChatGPT & Llama. This facilitates quicker responses to customer queries. Moreover, interactions are labelled for optimized routing and in-depth reporting. To further boost agent efficiency, AI tools automatically recommend appropriate labels, reducing the time spent on manual categorization.

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The digital agent utilizes state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms to ensure accurate query understanding and resolution


Seamlessly integrates with various digital channels like chat, email, social media, etc

Human Esclation

In situations where the digital agent cannot resolve a query, it smoothly escalates the query to a human agent


Can engage customers in multiple languages, ensuring a wider reach and better customer satisfaction

Analytical Dashboard

A comprehensive dashboard providing insights into customer interactions, feedback, and agent performance

Intelligent Routing

Effectively direct conversations to your agents, promptly attend to all customers, and tailor the contact center workflow using automation features

Close the Loop

Collecting customer feedback is paramount, and xDEC allows contact centres to gather customer feedback through CSAT surveys across various communication channels

AI-Powered Labelling

AI tools automatically recommend appropriate labels, reducing manual categorization and boosting agent efficiency


Seamlessly integrate with third-party CRM systems and chatbot platforms to enhance your contact centre’s productivity and expand its capabilities


Unify CX across diverse entities with a single, secure platform that serves multiple clients without compromising security

Agent-Centric Platform

With an Agent-Centric design, xDEC ensures that agents can manage their tasks effortlessly and promptly. The platform simplifies the agent’s workflow by facilitating easy transitions between conversations on various channels and by utilizing AI-powered agent assist tools, such as: Omnichannel agent desktop, AI-Powered labelling, Conferencing capabilities, Quick macros, Collaborative notes, AI assistance, Web search integration, Language versatility, Future-Ready webhooks, Enhanced AI capabilities, Agent-Centric design, and Messaging Mastery.


Digital Channel Management

Customer profiles: stores customer profiles so that agents can quickly access relevant information during conversations.
VIP routing: xDEC can automatically route high-value customers to experienced agents.
Automatic responses: sends automated responses to common questions, freeing up agents to focus on more complex issues.
Customer satisfaction surveys: xDEC collects customer feedback surveys to help businesses identify areas for improvement.
Knowledgebase integration: integrated with a knowledgebase so that agents can quickly find the information they need to answer customer questions.
Business hours: xDEC can be configured to automatically route conversations to different queues based on the time of day.
Chatbot integration: xDEC can be integrated with xCAI or any third-party chatbots to automate customer service tasks.


Improved Customer Satisfaction

provide a more efficient and effective customer service experience, which can lead to improved customer satisfaction.

Increased Agent Productivity

xDEC frees agents from repetitive tasks to focus on more complex issues, which can lead to increased agent productivity

Reduced Costs

Reduce customer service costs by automating tasks and improving efficiency.

Better Insights

xDEC provides detailed analytics on customer interactions, which can be used to identify areas for improvement

Real-Time Response

Provides instant replies, decreasing customer waiting time and enhancing user experience

Centralized Customer Communication

A unified platform for managing customer communication across all channels. Easier for businesses to track customer interactions and provide a consistent customer experience

Learning Mechanism

Continuous learning from interactions to provide better and more personalized answers over time

What are IST’s Customers are saying?

  • IST was the chosen partner to implement and integrate Genesys omnichannel solution with our bespoke applications, thanks to thier local experience & support in KSA.

    Saeed Basad
    Saeed Basad Call Center Technologies Director - STC
  • IST made a great job of installing the solution and their experts always respond on the spot if we need support.

    Sary Shukry
    Sary Shukry Head of Operation Development, Complaint Management & Mobile Number Portability, Mobily
  • Although there are 3 main providers for Genesys solutions in Egypt, IST won our business. Above all, they offered the best support SLA. Thank You, IST.

    Abdulazziz Hussien Korany
    Abdulazziz Hussien Korany Customer Service Director, Egypt Post