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Cisco Finesse Connector For Microsoft USD

Access your Cisco Unified Contact Center (UCCE, UCCX & PCCE) within your Microsoft USD workspace

Empower Your Agents

Your agents who are familiar with Microsoft Dynamics CRM can now receive, transfer and dial out via your Cisco Finesse Unified Contact Center without switching applications. Very little additional training is required as the front-end user interface is the familiar Microsoft Unified Service Desk.

The connector supports single sign-on with your agent’s Microsoft Unified Service Desk account, leading to quick adoption and roll out.

You can now empower your CRM team to engage with customers directly without the need for additional contact center training, whilst being CRM experts within your organisation which leads to better customer experience.

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Embedded Inbound Call Control

All common Cisco Finesse CTI functionality is embedded within the Microsoft USD agent workspace. Agents can: Answer a call, Release a call, Make a new call, Place caller on Hold, Transfer to other agents or supervisors and Conference-in other colleagues.

Universal Queue (Email & Chat)

Microsoft Unified Service Desk Workspace through the connector.

Utilize the performance and configurability of Cisco’s Universal Queue and leverage the power of Cisco’s Customer Care extensive features.**

Outbound Call Support

Your CRM experts can make outbound calls based on any campaigns, including: Direct Preview, Progressive and Predictive.

Screen Pop-up

Customer information is automatically shown via a pop-up window within the Unified Service Desk when a call arrives at an agent.

Agent Status

The embedded CTI control within Microsoft Service Desk allows agents to manage their states. Agents are either be Ready, on Call, Busy or Not Ready.