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Entersekt Mobile Transaction Security

Secure Transactions through your customer’s mobile device

Mobile Transaction Security

IST and Entersekt’s mobile security and authentication solutions eliminate phishing, man-in-the-middle/browser, keystroke logging, call forwarding, SIM-swap, and number porting attacks. Noted for their ease of use, they enable people to confirm their sensitive digital transactions in real time, responding directly to authentication requests pushed to their mobile devices. All it takes is one tap.

Install secure mobile security to your digital channels today

Transakt is Entersekt’s flagship product and is available as an SDK or a stand-alone security app downloadable from all major app stores. Financial services companies worldwide use it to secure online banking, mobile banking, mobile money transfer, e-commerce, call center interactions, in-branch interactions, and more.

Using digital certificates and proprietary validation techniques, Transakt converts the mobile phone into a trusted second factor of authentication and introduces an isolated communication channel between the device and financial institution that avoids reliance on the open Internet for user and transaction verification. This second-factor, out-of-band channel is encrypted from end to end. No third party, including Entersekt, can access these communications.

The authentication process is largely seamless to the banking customer. It avoids one-time passwords or challenge questions, requiring just one tap on a pop-up authentication request. Little to no user education is required.

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Features And Benefits

Unlock mobile’s unparalleled potential

To remain competitive in a crowded field, financial institutions must launch compelling, convenient new digital services. In doing so, many fear that they will expose their customers to fraud. With Transakt, banks and other enterprises can be certain they are communicating with a legitimate customer device. Their customers, in turn, enjoy peace of mind, confident that messages originate from a trusted source, and that they cannot be accessed or altered by a third party. With the Transakt-engineered trusted channel in place, the mobile device becomes the platform for deep, relevant customer engagement only it can be.

Meet domestic and international regulatory requirements

Perfect for deployment in heavily regulated financial sectors, Transakt meets – and very often exceeds – requirements for multi-factor authentication and digital transaction signing set out by the FFIEC, European Banking Authority, Monetary Authority of Singapore, and other regulatory bodies. The technology is compliant with ISO 21188:2006: Public key infrastructure for financial services. Transakt is also FIDO Certified™ as a U2F (universal second factor) authenticator.

Take a layered approach to securing digital channels

Complementary components or factors can be used to augment security for high-risk transactions. In addition to its own unique capabilities, Transakt natively supports fingerprint biometrics on mobile devices with this capability.


It also shares device and application data for context-based risk scoring, with the data points including device type, operating system version, geographic location, and advanced detection of rooting, jailbreaking, or similar mobile operating system security bypass hacks.

Score a rapid return on investment over OTP-based systems

Authentication solutions based on one-time passwords have been compromised by fraudsters for years. With Transakt, financial institutions and other organizations have dramatically reduced their exposure to account takeover fraud and its associated costs, whether litigious or reputational. They also no longer pay for the text messages or hardware tokens used to deliver the single-use codes. All communication is packet data.

Improve the user experience with one-click authentication

Authentication requests are pushed to the enrolled mobile device automatically. Whether banking online or making card-not-present purchases through the 3-D Secure protocol, the user responds by simply tapping Accept or Reject on their mobile phone or tablet. There is no need to retype one-time passwords or answer challenge questions.