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NovelVox Unified Agent Desktops

Empower your Agents with a unfied agent desktop

Deliver Engaging, Memorable Customer Experiences

IST’s experience with creating easy to use Unified Agent Desktops allows our customers to deliver a responsive and an exceptionally high satisfactory customer experience.

It is common knowledge that customers only reach out to the contact center when they have an issue. If this issue is not resolved in a timely and professional manner, the business brand suffers.

The end customer expects a level of service which your agents must provide. IST can provide the tools to acheive this.

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What is a unified agent desktop and why is it important?

In its simplest terms, a unified agent desktop is a single agent desktop screen that incorporates all the internal business systems into one system.

For example, an organization has:

  • A CRM system to track customers

  • A Finance system for billing

  • An inventory system to track warehouse stock

  • An online ordering system

  • An instore ordering system

  • A complaints and ticketing system

  • A contact center system

A unified agent desktop will not only access data from all these different systems, but only pull/push data that the agent will use on a daily basis.

It is important as it provides the agent with a 360 degree view of the customer to solve the issue in the quickest possible way.

What are the before and after benefits of adopting a unified agent desktop?

Before Unification

Many business applications in seperate places, agent needs to search.

before unification


All business applications on one agent screen.


A Unified Agent Desktop has all the business applications on one screen

Reduce average handling time by up to 50%

A Unified Agent Desktop will provide these essential efficiency gains:

  • Less time to almost zero switching between business applications

  • Only required datafields are shown, resulting in maximum use of screen ‘estate’

  • Never place customer on hold for information search

  • Agent can answer more calls in the same amount of time

Improve first call resolution by up to 50%

A Unified Agent Desktop can resolve up to 99% of all issues on the first call because all the customer information is presented in one 360 degree view on the agent desktop.

Adopting an omni-channel approach is easy

A Unified Agent Desktop can integrate all customer channels into one unified agent screen.


This means your SMS gateways, video/web chat system, email and social media channels can all be controled from one agent desktop.

Increase operational efficiency and customer experience

An optimized Unified Agent Desktop will provide a big reduction in your operational costs as more calls can be answered and solved without any escalation.


This in turn provides greater satisfaction to the end customer as less time is used to resolve the issue. Typical Return on Investment is less than 12 months.