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Gensys PureConnect

Give Customers a Consistent Experience Across All Channels

PureConnect is a unique, powerful, and proven customer interaction solution that provides everything you need to manage in one place.

Choose an All-in-One Solution: On Premise or in the Cloud

PureConnect is a proven All-in-One multichannel engagement offer, simple to administer, flexible, tailorable and cost effective for midsize to large organizations.

Effective omnichannel service requires you to view the multichannel experience through the eyes of your customer. This means anticipating that customers often start in one channel and move to another as they progress to a resolution. In short, it means multichannel done right.

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Present a Unified Approach for a Superior Brand Experience

By seamlessly blending internet and phone-based service requests into a universal contact routing engine, all customer contacts are managed according to consistent business rules. This optimizes cost and quality. And when information from CRM databases and back-end systems is incorporated into routing decisions and displayed to the agent, customers receive personalized, effective service. Supervisors gain access to unified, real-time and historical reporting tools to track trends and improve performance across all contact methods. Agent quality is also assured through built-in multichannel recording, agent forecasting and scheduling tools.


Social Media Customer Service

Universal Queue & Routing

Routing images, comments, replies to agent to take action. Integrated with Genesys or Cisco routing engine covering all the functions of Capacity routing and priority routing.

Agent Desktop Integration

Ability to see the interactions within the Genesys Workspace or Cisco Finesse providing a unified agent desktop view.

Integrated Reporting

Fully integrated reporting covering all interactions reports (Summary interactions report, Detailed Interactions report, Agent Activities report).

Social Platforms

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn (new platforms can be added).