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The Genesys PureEngage & Instagram Connector

React To Your Instagram Audience

Instagram is the growing social media platform amongst Generation Y and millennials . Listen and capture their views about your organization through your Genesys PureEngage Contact Center Platform.

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InstGenesys From A Genesys Gold Partner

InstGenesysIST hold the Genesys Gold Partner award in recognition of their extensive knowledge, experience and expertise with Genesys Customer Experience solutions.

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The instGenesys connector provides an integration between Instagram and Genesys PureEngage contact center platform. The connector automatically routes Instagram customer interactions related to your organization to the skilled agents trained to respond to Instagram feeds.

Designed for Genesys PureEngage

InstGenesys allows you to leverage the powerful features within Genesys Routing and apply them to your Instagram channel.


Priority routing can be set up for certain customers and agent capacity rules mean your agents are utilized effectively, handling one or more customer interactions at a time.


The Genesys Universal Queue will apply to the Instagram channel too, resulting in an efficient controlled feed of customer interactions, whether they are voice, email, SMS, Facebook, and the many other channels your organization uses.

Familiar Genesys Workspace Interface

Instagram social interactions are routed within the Genesys Workspace, which means your agents are using the same desktop as before, hence lowering training costs to almost zero. The InstGenesys connector is ‘plug and play’, meaning you can turn it on or off depending on your organizational marketing objectives.​

Total Integration

Fully integrated within your Genesys Workspace, both Web & Desktop edition.

Integrated Reporting

The InstGenesys connector provides data that can be consumed by your reporting engine and displayed on Genesys Pulse.

Why you need Instagram Integration

User Growth

Instagram is growing in popularity with year on year subscriber increases. There are now over 200 million ACTIVE monthly users on the platform with 60 million photos uploaded each day.

High Engagement

Engagement on Instagram is rated at 15 times greater than that of Facebook and 20 times higher than Twitter. Unlike many social media platforms, Instagram users are extremely loyal to the platform. 57% of Instagram users access the system every day*.

Coporate Account Growth

Growth for Corporate Instagram accounts has soared. in the past 2 years, brands with 100k or more followers has grown by 163%.