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Mobile App Development

Building apps is not a big deal, The experience speaks louder

Mobile App Development

Create amazingly beautiful mobile apps for iPhone and Android that truly reflects your organization, which are fully integrated to your back office business systems. Customers are demanding more self-service from their suppliers as they expect to engage with you on their terms. BlueCrunch doesn’t just create mobile apps, they make them come alive with simple to use graphical interface and cleverly designed workflows that all users would find easy to use

Having mastered the art of the app development by building the top mobile apps on Android and IOS, we study exactly your product, your service and who your audience is to deliver the optimum results your app needs.

Mobile users engage with their devices at critical moments & only for very short periods. Our clients experiences need to be personalized, efficient and enjoyable in order to keep them engaged .As 97% of business customers quote ‘ease of use’ as the most important quality for mobile apps.

We do not just build apps. We design superior mobile user experiences.
We provide customizable applications using VR & AR, Chabot, geo-locations, payment, Notification, reporting & analysis and User behavior

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Resource optimization

optimal use of mobile resources, to deliver a stable mobile app that does not exhaust the phone resources. When designing the app, we think about

Data/Security consumption

Battery optimization

Storage reduction

Memory optimization

Lazy Loading techniques

We boost your experience we leverage your joy

Mobile Geo Tracking

Mobile devices have a lot of built-in sensors, such as the camera, location tracking, accelerometer, and a touch sensor. These technologies can all be leveraged to improve user experience.

Secure & reliable

Security is one of the major concerns our clients have on mind today. Our team is using the latest security standards in securing the data and the code such as OWASP standard, XGuard, IXguard.

Better user experience

Mobile app development starts and ends with the user. The difference between a successful mobile app and one that fails in the market is a quality user experience (UX).
Without a thorough understanding of your end-users’ in-app behavior patterns or psychological foundations, you won’t be able to build a mobile product to satisfy a central goal or exceed expectations.
UX involves everything affecting a user’s perception and interaction with a product. Developing a mobile app against user data facilitates the design thinking process, which creates useful solutions to address real user discomfort points. Blue Crunch is an expert when it comes to UX experience.