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Nūn Healthcare

Speak with Nūn ن. Natural Sounding Intelligent Voice.

Nūn ن Text to Speech for Healthcare

IST understands the different needs of the healthcare industry, with the varying demands of patients; providing personal correspondence across 24 hour periods and to making information readily available and accessible. Nūn Healthcare is specifically designed with that in mind.

It will allow you to better connect with your patients by giving your IVR a human-like voice. Nun’s TTS engine streamlines patient interactions making them more personal and useful.

Solution Benefits

Improve Patient Experience

Patients can have more individual and personal interactions therefore giving them a better experience tailored to their unique wellness and health care needs.

Reduce Operational Costs

By automating certain services and interactions more hospital staff will be able to focus on your patients instead of administrative and time-consuming tasks.

Flexible Shifts

Appointments and services can be run 24/7 eliminating the limitations of regular human shifts.

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Service Improvement

Personalized Greeting

Everybody loves hearing his or her own name. Addressing someone by name creates a trigger in that person’s brain that says, “I’m being spoken to on an individual level”. With Personalized conversations, customers can be greeted by name. This will allow patients to feel like they are truly getting special treatment.

Appointment System

Scheduling, canceling or inquiring about appointments will be much simpler with Nun. Appointment processes can now be automated. In turn, less hospital/clinic staff time and resources will be needed. Moreover, appointments can be handled 24/7 as the limitation of relying on regular human shifts to handle appointments will be eliminated. This means that more patients can be attended to creating a more efficient appointment system.

Appointment Confirmation

Patient’s upcoming appointments can be confirmed via outbound confirmation campaigns. This can significantly reduce number of “no shows”, allowing hospitals and clinics to better manage their schedules, and fill in the empty slots of unconfirmed appointments.

Appointment Modification Alerts

Doctors may experience unpredictable delays, such as longer than scheduled appointments or perhaps have to deal with an emergency. To avoid frustration faced by patients waiting their turn for long periods of time, appointment modification alerts can be sent out to patients informing them of any modification or change in appointment time.

Medication Reminder

Patients can be automatically reminded to take their medication at the right time. The solution can personalize reminders for all patients addressing them by name and informing them which medication needs to be taken.

Real Time Services

Share any critical updates and information with patients in real time. This opens up a channel where up to the minute information can reach patients instantaneously.

Patient Information Updates

Outbound campaigns can be setup to ensure that all patient information is up-to-date.

Key Benefits

Designed for IVR

The solution is specifically designed for common IVR phrases. This means that IVR phrases and words can be read out flawlessly.

Accurate Arabic TTS

Accurate Arabic TTS will turn IVR dialog into more natural and engaging conversations. By pronouncing words and names correctly and naturally, Will allow the IVR to sound more human allowing for more meaningful and informative conversations.


Everybody loves hearing their own names. Addressing someone by name creates a trigger in that person’s brain that says “I'm being spoken to on an individual level”. With Personalized conversations, customers can be greeted by name. This will allow organizations to communicate with their customers on a human level; by creating a more intimate bond with their customers. ​