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Nūn Telecom

Speak with Nūn ن. Natural Sounding Intelligent Voice.

Nūn ن Text to Speech for Telecom Organizations

Nūn ن transforms calls into human-like conversations, allowing you to better interact with your customers. Nun telecom can both improve current IVR services as well as create opportunities for new ones. These services can make your customer’s interactions more personal and intelligent. Nun’s TTS engine is able to pronounce common IVR phrases and telecom jargon flawlessly.

The ability to read out dynamic data can allow customers a more meaningful experience, and telecommunication companies a simpler and more efficient way to speak to their customers.

Service Improvement

Credit Transfer to favorite

Customers can pre-define favorite personal contacts allowing them to transfer phone credit to individuals by selecting from a list of favorite names rather than inputting phone numbers.

Real Time Campaigns

Share any updates, news or company information with customers in real time. You can also immediately share new products and/or services with your customers.

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Nūn Solution Benefits

Improve Customer Experience

Adding meaning and value to the conversation, by reading out names of objects, places and individuals makes the conversation easier for the customer to understand. This also makes the conversation more natural and customers are able to carry out their needs more efficiently, as opposed to dealing with static IVR voices that lack intelligence and the ability to read out dynamic data.

Minimize Risk

Dependency on voice over artists will be eliminated. With Nūn there will be no need to hire and retain Voice Talent anymore.

Faster Time to Market

Recording speech with voice talent usually takes 1-2 weeks. However, by immediately synthesizing text into speech, products and/or services can be delivered over the IVR in a shorter time.

Accomodate Disabilities

Many of these notification services are available via SMS. However, with outbound voice calls you can cater to your visually disabled customers as well as illiterate individuals.

Key Benefits

Designed for IVR

The solution is specifically designed for common IVR phrases. This means that IVR phrases and words can be read out flawlessly.

Accurate Arabic TTS

Accurate Arabic TTS will turn IVR dialog into more natural and engaging conversations. By pronouncing words and names correctly and naturally, Will allow the IVR to sound more human allowing for more meaningful and informative conversations.


Everybody loves hearing their own names. Addressing someone by name creates a trigger in that person’s brain that says “I'm being spoken to on an individual level”. With Personalized conversations, customers can be greeted by name. This will allow organizations to communicate with their customers on a human level; by creating a more intimate bond with their customers. ​

Service Creation

Personalized Greeting

Everybody loves hearing his or her own name. Addressing someone by name creates a trigger in that person’s brain that says, “I’m being spoken to on an individual level”. With Personalized conversations, customers can be greeted by name.

Bill Reminder

Bill Reminder is a personalized outbound campaign that notifies your customers that they need to pay their bills soon. The call can serve as a reminder or as an opportunity to be passed on to an agent to pay your bill immediately.

Address Confirmation

Address confirmation is an outbound campaign that verifies customer’s addresses automatically. This way you can be sure that all customer’s billing information is up-to-date.