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OmniCloud Powered By Genesys

The Digital Customer Engagement Solution In The Cloud

Email, Social and Web Engagement

IST OmniCloud Powered by Genesys is a cloud based digital customer experience platform, that empowers you with pro-active connected Social, Web and Email Engagement.

It connects your organization’s digital channels together in ONE Agent Desktop, using ONE reporting engine, with ONE unified view of the customer interactions and utilizing ONE routing engine to allow powerful, effective management of all your digital customer interactions.

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Ultimate Flexibility and Scalability

Connected Customer Experience

Regardless of where and when your customers interact with your organization, your agents will have a single view of all your customer digital interactions, meaning, your agents are fully equipped with customer interaction history and content to react quickly and effectively.

Business Flexibility With Exceptional Customer Experience

Technological innovation is a double edged sword, customer demand and usage are unknown quantities and when demand does increase unexpectedly, scaling can be challenging. The flexibility of IST’s OmniCloud offers you:

A New Standard In CX

The digital channel engagement solution powered by Genesys, offers a rich set of features with powerful customization, setting a new standard in dealing with customer experience in the cloud.

Opportunity To Experiment

Add new channels to your customer experience with minimum investment combined with rapid go to market turnaround.

Cost Effective Scalability

Customer trends change over the year, especially during holiday season, which affects your customers and staff. With IST’s OmniCloud, pay for what you use only and no more.

OmniCloud and Sentiment Analysis

OmniCloud can be integrated with IST’s own Sentiment Analysis cloud solution which offers businesses the chance to listen in on their customers’ conversations across all digital social media platforms. It can automatically decipher whether customers comments are positive, negative or neutral and route these interactions intelligently, based on priority to the right agent at the time.

Powerful Insights

Improving your customer experience requires measurement. With Insights, knowing what works and what doesn’t is vital so you can react and take action when required. You can view end to end customer interactions to identify bottlenecks and your organization can create customized dashboards, with drill down capabilities to manage your KPIs.