Nuance Voice Biometerics

IST implemented at Riyad Bank the first Voice Biometrics and Call Steering Project in the Middle East

Authenticate customers with biometrics

Start each customer interaction with effortless authentication. Using Voice Biometrics identifies a person through their unique voiceprint. In the same way that everyone has a unique fingerprint or retina. Voice biometrics technology is used to identify a person through their voice patterns.

Each person’s voiceprint is created based on the physical characteristics of the throat and mouth and this is then used by the system to validate their identity on subsequent phone calls. No two voices are the same; even identical twins have different voice patterns.

Because of the unique nature of voice, it can serve as a password, facilitating authentication processes and decreasing the risk of fraud.

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Voice Biometrics By Numbers

Customers Hate Current Authentication Methods


of people say knowledge based authentication is too time consuming.

Voice Biometrics Is Preferred


of users perfer voice biometrics over the Status Quo.

No More Password Resets


of mobile users reset their password at least once each month.

Frustrated Customers


of customers are frustrated with current authentication methods.


Your customers want to have a choice. With multi-modal biometrics, they can choose the authentication mode that matches their situation. On a crowded bus, it may be easier to authenticate with a selfie rather than a voice password. When customers are authenticated without having to be interrogated, both the customer and the agent are happier.


PINs, passwords and challenge questions are inherently insecure. Fraudsters can buy credentials online and find personal details easily on social media. Enterprises can provide two-factor authentication with multiple biometric modalities without having to rely on unsecure PINs and passwords.


Whether it's shorter call times, increased functionality or the ability to do amazing new things with your mobile apps, voice authentication can deliver from day one. It's a critical investment in security.