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Web development

Optimized process that ensures the ultimate experience

Web development

Our web development services are dedicated to building enterprise and ecommerce websites. We work with your unique business systems such as CRMs, POS, CMS (Content Management System), OMS and more using web services.  We design our your websites around the optimal user experience ensuring that your users find everything smooth while saving user’s time and increasing conversion rates and keep returning to the website

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88% of people are less likely to return to your website after a bad experience.- source eConsultancy

Working from start-ups to large multinational organizations, our tactic is to fully understand our client’s audience to maximize the satisfaction and user engagements. Our delivery team translates those needs and executes using agile processes providing customer centric web portals.

Blue Crunch Approach

  • Requirement Gathering from every stakeholder
  • Design Document
  • Agil develop – DevOp – Agile Scrum

More than 100+ clients have put their trust and belief in the BlueCrunch Approach

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Advanced Web Development

BlueCrunch experienced in pioneering technologies like HTML5, CSS3, CakePHP 3.X for original technical execution.

Cloud-based Development

Outstandingly influencing cloud services to accelerate the development route.

Dedicated web teams

Our specialists at BluceCrunch are certified in the several technologies we serve, so our clients can get the upmost professional service we provide.

Full-cycle Development

BlueCrunch cycle includes project planning, obligation analysis, system design, implementation, testing and deployment and aftersales service if needed.

Quality Assurance

Our quality is what makes us different – each website we develop undergoes a reliable bug fixing process.

Consolidation & Integration

We incorporate potential tools, innovative technologies and studied UX quality designs.

Maintenance & Support

We have your back as soon as we launch your website! 24/7

Time Saving Design

enabling your customers to reach their goals in the least amount of time possible

Liner Usage Design

A linear user journey is a journey where users interact with content in a fixed order along a linear path

User Journey Simplification

users nowadays have too many choices, we try to simplify their journey to reach the desired outcome

Neutral interfaces and content

focused experiences - Many designers try to reduce an app’s complexity by making their interface almost invisible

Progressive disclosure

Modern mobile apps and websites have become really complex products that provide a lot of information and features