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Voice of the customer
Since the beginning of time, humans have evolved into more experienced customers. The more we grow, the more we expect our customer experiences to grow. That’s why, one of the most wonderful things about understanding the true ‘voice of the customer’, should come naturally to us. Or does it?
We are all experienced customers. However, when it comes to applying this experience in our day-to day jobs, we tend to either, over simplify it by making assumptions about our customers, or over complicate it by spending hours and resources on finding the perfect solution that will give us ALL the answers we’ve been looking for, but the truth is, we never really find THE one.
The reason is, in order to put together a complete and effective voice of the customer (VOC) initiative, you need to consider which solutions or technologies will best allow you to understand who your customers are, how they feel and what they have to say about you every step of the way.
Collect, Analyze & Take Action
Think of successful VOC initiatives as a jigsaw puzzle, made up of many parts. All these parts combined together give us a better chance of understanding our customers, allowing us to give them what they truly want. The common factor in which this jigsaw is built upon is customer data! The jigsaw peices are the type of tools available that help you collect data on your customers, analyze data derived from your customers and tools that allow you to better engage with your customers.

Voice of the customer

Speech analytics, text analytics and sentiment analysis
are all examples of tools that help us truly leverage the voice of the customer. Sentiment analysis is one of the tools that comprise a major part of the jigsaw. Sentiment analysis allows you to extract meaning from your customers interactions on social channels. Just like any VOC solution, powerful

sentiment analysis solutions will try to incorporate as many parts of the jigsaw that aid in:

collection of customer data, analysis of customer data and better engagement with your customers based on this data.

People often ignore the engagement part, and focus on collection and analysis, but in reality, engagement is as important as the former
People often ignore the engagement part, and focus on collection and analysis, but in reality, engagement is as important as the former, if not more important. With focus on engagement you will be able to transform customer experiences from negative to positive, answer your customer’s questions effectively, increase your NPS and C-SAT and keep your customers happy. What is more important than keeping customers happy?
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