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Social media customers are dictating whether your brand is going to flourish or flop. That’s why sentiment analysis is becoming one of the most indispensable solutions of the 21st century. But we already know that!
What YOU really should know, is how much you can save by automating this worldwide trend of measuring social sentiment. We all know about the shortcomings of the automation age we currently live in, watching customers crave for that last hope of human interaction. The trick is to add automation where it’s really needed. An enterprise sized organization with strong social media presence can receive around 600,000 interactions a month or more across its social media channels. This number will grow exponentially each year as social channels continue to be

customers’ number one go to platform for just about everything that pops into their head.

July 12th: 2pm (Egypt), 3pm (KSA & Turkey), 4pm (UAE)
The Point
Manually measuring and going through 600,000 interactions and/or comments a month requires a dedicated team of agents who would then typically also have to respond to these interactions. An organization would typically need around 30+ agents to filter these amounts of interactions.
By automating sentiment measurement you will be significantly reducing the number of agents required to filter these interactions, hence saving on operation costs. However, the savings made are not only cost related, but the value of sentiment analysis goes beyond savings. Our next blog post will be discussing the effects of negative comments on your brand image and how these can be translated to an even bigger cost for your organization.


Social channels continue to be customers’ number one go to platform for just about everything that pops into their head.
The Undertaking
Based on the above instance, on average you could save around $1m* over a period of 3 years by using IST’s Sentiment Analysis engine. The solution will filter, measure and route your customer comments automatically to the best agent that can meet their specific needs.
IST’s sentiment analysis solution does not only save you time and resources but also provides you with focused analytics dashboards that can endow your marketing team with the necessary gear to oversee and enhance your brand image across your social media platforms.
*Compound Growth 20%, per interaction cost: $0.036, interactions handled per agent per minute: 4, working hours per day: 6, average agent salary: $1,333, direct and indirect costs: 50%
About IST
ISTis an award-winning Customer Experience Systems Integrator dedicated to delivering powerful and innovative Customer Experience solutions within the Middle East and Turkey. Established in 2002, IST has rapidly grown to be the market leader and has earned the reputation for service quality, innovation and prompt project delivery. IST’s Expertise lies with integrating technology from industry leaders and is proud to be both Cisco ATP for Contact Center and a Genesys Gold Partner.

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