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Healthcare with PureCloud

Patients are the customers of any hospital or healthcare facility. We all talk about customer experience or CX, but now it’s time to bring into focus the type of customer we are talking about: The Patient. Improving patient experience should be the ultimate goal of any healthcare institution.
According to a report by Deloitte published in 2016, Good patient experience could mean higher profitability for a hospital. “Hospitals with better patient-reported experience perform better financially, we found that higher patient experience scores are associated with higher hospital profitability”
Healthcare organizations are similar to modern contact centers. In the sense that ongoing smooth communication with patients and payers is a prerequisite to providing great patient experiences. With a cloud contact center solution like PureCloud, healthcare organizations can proactively communicate with patients, easily engage with patients, streamline collection efforts and offer 24/7 self services over their IVR.
Leverage PureCloud’s Outbound Features
Be proactive & keep patients updated without breaking a sweat
PureCloud allows you to schedule automated outbound calls to your patients. You can send out automated notifications regarding appointments, medication reminders or even create post-discharge surveys.
Patients endure enough, don’t keep them waiting on the line
The hold button is a feature available in any contact center solution, but who wants to be put on hold especially when they’re asking about the health affairs of a loved one or their own? While PureCloud has the hold option, it also has a callback option. Allow your patients to schedule a call back from the first person that is able to accurately tackle their request.
Interested in outbound?
Provide Self-Service Now
Free your hospital staff – some things just don’t need assistance
PureCloud provides the tools that support customers calling in for IVR-based self-service.Allow your patients to retrieve information regarding their health insurance policies, health records and hospital regulations by adding messages to your IVR in minutes.
Interested in self-service?
Deploy PureCloud Lightening Fast
The cool thing about PureCloud is that you can actually deploy within weeks. PureCloud is a true cloud solution meaning it is 100% cloud-based and therefore, you don’t need hardware and you don’t need to install anything on your PCs. All you need is an internet connection and your done. Moreover, once set up PureCloud’s modern & user friendly interface will allow you to onboard all hospital staff in no time. Start focusing on your patients today and not your technology.
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