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Make your agents’ lives easier so they can focus on the task at hand. We all know that happy employees = more productivity. Well, its the same with agents. Build your agents the optimum environment that allows them to respond to your customers as efficiently as possible.
Feature rich solutions are important but if they are not able to provide the agent with a simple, user-friendly and reliable platform: the long list of features essentially becomes useless.
When it comes to Agent Experience, PureCloud is the way to go.
PureCloud by Genesys is a simple, yet powerful cloud contact center solution. It provides agents with the needed tools and features in order to succeed. Your agents can manage all their interactions using ONE agent desktop (Voice, Email, Web & Social) giving them the opportunity to only focus on responding to the customer and allowing the system to do the rest.
The Agent Experience with PureCloud:

Agent Performance

Context Driven, the agent is empowered with the context of the interaction, which enables them to serve the customer more efficiently
Unified Interaction Agent Desktop, Agent can handle all interactions Voice, Email, Web and/or social from the same desktop. Agent can easily switch between interactions or even handle multiple types of different interactions at the same time
Unified Customer interaction history, no more silos between different customers’ interaction channels, an agent can view customer interaction history of all channels in one place.
Updating customer records is a hassle free task. Thanks to the simplicity of integrating CRM applications with PureCloud, agents don’t have to access several systems to update or retrieve a customer record.
Unified dashboard view, Agents can easily see how they are performing across all channels in one single view, which can incentivise them to do better and make sure that they are achieving the results your organization demands.
Response Management, Agent has access to pre-defined responses that would enable them to serve the customers more efficiently, effectively and with consistency
Easy Collaboration, allows agents a stress-free environment as they can easily transfer any interaction on any channel to a colleague or even a supervisor for support.
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