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PureCloud is a feature-rich, all-in one, cloud contact center solution built by Genesys. PureCloud offers organizations the chance to provide a true omni-channel experience for its customers by making sure that the agent is empowered by as much context as possible on each customer interaction. It is not unusual that powerful solutions that have hundreds of features and functions translate into interfaces that need months of training before they could be fully utilised. However, this is not the case here. PureCloud offers a simple and user friendly agent desktop that allows the agent to respond to and resolve customer needs effectively and efficiently.
The real strength of PureCloud is its true cloud architecture, making it highly scalable, flexible and secure. PureCloud is built using a micro services architecture, meaning that each micro service functions independently, this infrastructure minimizes the chances of service outage; the downfall of one micro service does not affect all the rest.
Below are the top reasons why we think you should choose PureCloud. Already Convinced? Learn about why IST is your trusted PureCloud partner or contact us now for more information on deploying PureCloud.


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