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Nūn Studio
IST is proud to launch its newest service offering: Nūn Studio! Nūn studio uses its powerful TTS engine to instantly turn any given text into human-sounding speech in the form of audio files.
Nūn Studio is an on-demand TTS service designed to deliver perfect quality audio files, ready for instant use. Tweaking the pitch, volume and sound of these audio files becomes a thing of the past with Nūn studio. Audio files are fine-tuned and tweaked by IST’s dedicated team of Arabic computational linguists, resulting in
perfect voice and high quality audiofiles.
We at IST understand that the way customers hear a brand is just as crucial as the visual elements associated with a brand. This is precisely why organizations must make sure that the voice that represents their brand is consistent and reliable. With Nūn Studio you don’t have to worry about the costs and hassle of retaining a voice artist, more importantly you don’t have to be enslaved by your voice artists’ life schedule.
Get it done. Faster.
The process of finding and hiring voice talent can take weeks sometimes even months. Organizations need their quality audio files in hours, not weeks! Speed will always be a necessity for the voice needs of an organization; be it for new service announcements over IVRs or product launches. Find, hire & pay will no longer be the only way to obtain your voice needs. All you have to do is provide the text you need to be voiced and Nūn Studio will take care of the rest.
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Nūn Studio

About IST
IST is an award-winning Customer Experience Systems Integrator dedicated to delivering powerful and innovative Customer Experience solutions within the Middle East and Turkey. Established in 2002, IST has rapidly grown to be the market leader and has earned the reputation for service quality, innovation and prompt project delivery. IST’s Expertise lies with integrating technology from industry leaders and is proud to be both Cisco ATP for Contact Center and a Genesys Gold Partner.

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