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Nūn ن

Nūn is a voice solution that offers a combination of industry-specific services and support that aims to tackle the unique challenges faced by certain industries. The Nūn ن TTS engine is one of the few Arabic speech and language solutions available in the market today.
Combating the complexity of the Arabic language and rigorous grammar rules is no walk in the park. That’s why IST takes pride in its highly skilled team of Arabic linguists whose core competency is accurately dissecting every letter of the Arabic sentence.
Focus is one of the Nūn ن’s key strengths; it is optimized for contact center use and is familiar with common IVR phrases, for even higher read out accuracy. As previously mentioned, Nūn ن is an industry-focused solution, therefore, it is able to accurately pronounce specific industry jargon.
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How YOU can use Nūn ن ?
Nūn is specifically designed to cater to your individual & unique industry needs, that’s why we have trimmed and tailored the following industry service packages:
Nūn Healthcare

Nūn ن

You can now automate your whole appointment system and personalize your patient’s experiences by greeting them by name. IST recognizes the critical nature of the healthcare industry and the 24/7 demands of patients, that’s why Nūn is designed to automate dull tasks that had to previously be carried out by hospital staff. For example: Appointment confirmation & modification, medication reminders, patient information updates.
Nūn Telecom

Nun Telecom

Telecommunication companies need to constantly strive to offer their customers memorable experiences. That’s why Nūn Telecom allows you to personalize all your customer experiences and to offer them personalised automated services tailored to their unique needs. Such as, Personalized Bill Reminders, Nūn helps you enhance your current IVR services as well as provides you with opportunities to offer new services.
Nūn Banking

Nūn ن

Nūn’s TTS engine allows banks to interact with their customers in a more natural way. By simplifying transactions and having more intelligent menus, customer can interact with your IVR in more meaningful way. Nūn Banking can simplify the following services: Transfer Funds, KYC Campaigns and introduce new services, such as: Personalized automated collection and Personalized salary notifications.
Nūn Food and Beverage

Nun For Food & Beverage

Competition in the food and beverage industry is colossal, customers have so many choices that quality of food is not enough to differentiate. Nūn can help improve customer experiences with your contact center by automating or partially automating the delivery ordering process.
Try Nūn Now: +202 35352680
Peeling back the onion
Lets peel back the onion and talk about the value of using text-to speech (TTS) solutions in your contact center. Due to the dynamic nature of TTS, IVR dialog can be transformed into human-like conversation. Instead of playing back static pre-recorded audio files on your IVR, allow your customers to listen to real time dynamic data. Data and information is constantly changing both from the organization’s and the customer’s side. With TTS solutions you can have your customers listen to everything you need to say in a flexible manner, without the need to rely on voice talent to communicate your messages.
Nūn ن allows organizations to enhance their customer experience by creating enjoyable conversations and simplifying transactions. Not only does it enhance the customer experience but it also improves operational efficiency. How can it do that? The power of being able to read out dynamic data provides endless opportunities for organizations to give their IVRs a human voice that can shorten or even automate many voice calls.
About IST
IST is an award-winning Customer Experience Systems Integrator dedicated to delivering powerful and innovative Customer Experience solutions within the Middle East and Turkey. Established in 2002, IST has rapidly grown to be the market leader and has earned the reputation for service quality, innovation and prompt project delivery. IST’s Expertise lies with integrating technology from industry leaders and is proud to be both Cisco ATP for Contact Center and a Genesys Gold Partner.

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