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Top 5 software Trends in Software Development

In IST we keep a close eye on everything happening around us and we make sure we become experts in applying it and updated in our industry.Due to the huge growth of software technologies and development trends, the software industry is one of those sectors that is constantly changing. Software developers must always be up to date with the latest trends in the IT trends in their industry
We researched the top 10 Trends in the software industry and in the article we will take a close look below on each:

#1 The Mixed Reality

Mixed reality is the combination of twin technologies of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR).
AR has won a great amount of growth over the years and the credit for this solely goes to its integration on smartphone apps. The admiration of smartphones is one of the reasons why companies are scrambling to invest in their own AR application. These companies are also hiring AR developers in large numbers. Unlike its twin technology; VR, AR apps do not need hardware with the latest specifications.Augmented reality (AR) has gained a lot of traction in the past few years. According to research firm International Data Corporation (IDC), money spent on augmented reality along with virtual reality (VR) will reach $17.8 billion in 2018.According to Retail Perceptions, a report that measures the influence of AR on the retail sector, 61% of shoppers prefer to shop at stores that offer AR. Augmented reality enhances the shopping experience and offers a totally new take on how retailers engage with customers.

An example form IKEA & how AR enhanced its sales:

Home furnishing provider IKEA made an AR catalog that lets customers use a smartphone or tablet to see how a piece of furniture will look in their home before buying. With its online and regular catalogs, IKEA is a wonderful example of how AR apps can integrate with marketing strategies.
Customers can check out products with IKEA Place, the first app to use Apple’s ARKit. In IKEA Place, customers can view 3D renderings of over 2,000 products including sofas, armchairs, and storage units before ordering the ones they want in the app. Michael Valdsgaard, Leader of Digital Transformation at Inter IKEA Systems B.V., is expecting a significant uplift in sales from AR, and is hoping for $5.9 billion in online sales by 2020. In 2016, online sales amounted to $1.6 billion.

#2 Artificial Intelligence

With the beginning of Artificial Intelligence, the technologies are programmed to conduct the tasks that were limited to the human mind. The artificial intelligence-based software can think logically like humans. The subdivisions of artificial intelligence is like engine learning and deep learning are gaining constant popularity among businesses. More and more companies are taking machine learning and solutions services as a necessity. Artificial intelligence creates business tasks and makes them simple. It has provided the web app developers a brilliant support to research. This has made AI to reach healthcare, banking, education, mathematics, etc. To illustrate more, AI are found in Chatbots.

As the thought of a chatbot springs up, we know it is not a real person for sure. What we know is that chatbot brings a human touch. For that to become a reality, chatbots need to be really intelligent. The crux is not the chatbot rather it is the intelligence quotient of the chatbot that can bring the human touch.
It is the intelligence that gives power to the AI chatbot to learn from conversations and handle any and every situation that comes its way. As chatbots move into complex territories, raising the intelligence quotient becomes increasingly difficult. How to build smart chatbots and what deserves our attention?
The AI chatbot comes with the ability to fix a goal and work autonomously to achieve that goal. This is easier said than done where identifying the goal for a specific situation is a hurdle in itself to cross. The chatbot adheres to a three-step process for realizing the goal. It is the sense-think-act cycle that can define the intelligence of a chatbot. An AI chatbot goes through this cycle to make progress towards pre-defined goals autonomously.

#3 Progressive web applications


The mix of mobile applications and web applications are known as progressive web applications. They are completely different from regular mobile applications. Their script called service worker is an integral part upon which they majorly work.
They are easy to develop and keep which has involved many mobile app development companies to mainly focus on them in the past few years. These applications can be loaded very fast even with low internet speed.

#4 Low Code development

Low code development is related to a method of building blocks by web and software development companies. It serves as a rescuer as it removes the requirement of difficult codes.
This does not require knowledge and help clients to hold their software project accessible. This, in turn, allows them to customize their software in their own way, on their own.
It acts as a fundamental tool for companies that are planning for digital transformations. But this does not mean that it’s an ideal coding practice. In cases where businesses need structured and complex solutions. This approach would simply not work.

#5 Code Quality

With the continuous evolution of technology, the quality of codes trends become the area of primary focus. One has to keep a firm eye on programming methods as an essential task in the year 2019.
As discussed in this blog, low code development is an important trend in contemporary software development industry. This has allowed information technology companies to hire non-technical employees for programming the software.
The type of task for software development should be the foundation to decide the code quality and structure in order to deliver the optimum outcomes. Every software development company must have a strong strategy for development to ensure the best coding is done for their software.

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