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Cisco UCCE
Cisco has been a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Contact Center Infrastructure for several years now.
Over time, their position has strengthened significantly for several key reasons including:
Cisco’s Finesse Agent Desktop uses REST-based APIs to provide simplified integration of a variety of data sources and application functionalities in support of large, complex contact centre deployments. Cisco’s Precision Routing delivers targeted matching of agent skills to customer needs. It can also simplify agent skills management in environments that could otherwise require thousands of different skills-based routing scenarios.Cisco has strong corporate brand recognition and a robust global network of channel partners such as IST.
With the latest release of Unified Contact Center Enterprise (UCCE), Cisco now truly offers a State-of-the-Art, Omnichannel Contact Center solution. Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise helps businesses and organizations deliver a truly connected digital experience which can provide contextual, continuous, and high capability journeys for your customers.
High levels of Fault tolerance help ensure uninterrupted operation which is complemented with comprehensive reporting that provides real business intelligence to optimize contact center deployments.
Additionally, with Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise’s integration flexibility you can smoothly integrate inbound and outbound voice applications with Internet applications. These include real-time chat, web collaboration, email, and social media. This integration helps single agents support multiple interactions simultaneously, regardless of which communications channel the customer has chosen. Each interaction is unique, and may require individualized service. And for this reason Cisco provides contact center solutions to manage customer interactions based on almost any contact attribute.
The latest release of UCCE has added a plethora of new features that will further enhance the aforementioned capabilities and drive satisfaction to new levels. The feature list below is in no way exhaustive but provides a good sense of what benefits UCCE version 11.5 can bring to new and existing contact center environments:
Task Routing
The system can route requests from different media channels to agents who work with customer contacts in multiple media types. One can configure agents to handle a combination of voice calls, emails, chats, and other custom task types. One can also design routing scripts to send requests to these agents based on business rules, regardless of the media channel from which the request came.
Single Sign-On
Single sign-on (SSO) is an authentication and authorization process. SSO allows users to sign in to one application and then securely access other authorized applications without a prompt to resupply user credentials. SSO permits Cisco supervisors or agents to sign on only once with a username and password to gain access to all of their Cisco browser-based applications and services within a single browser instance. By using SSO, Cisco administrators can manage all users from a common user directory and enforce password policies for all users consistently.
Precision Queue Support for Non-voice Media Routing Domains
In this release, you can associate precision queues with non-voice Media Routing Domains (MRDs) using the Unified CCE Administration Precision Queue tool and API.
Context Service
Cisco Context Service is a cloud-based omni-channel solution for Cisco Contact Center Enterprise Solutions. It enables you to capture your customer’s interaction history by providing flexible storage of customer-interaction data across any channel.
Outbound API
The Outbound API feature provides simplified outbound campaign management for third-party applications. It allows you to use REST APIs to create, modify, and delete agent and IVR-based Outbound Option campaigns.
Dynamic Real-Time Data Monitoring
Dynamic real-time data monitoring support is now available for skill groups.
Support for Dynamic Queue to Skill Groups
This release includes support for using the queue skill group node to target skill groups with expressions.
ESXi Release 6.0 Support
Unified CCE Release 11.5(1) supports VMWare ESXi 6.0 update 2 and above.
SHA-256 Support
Unified Contact Center Enterprise can now force SHA-256 usage
Chrome Support
Unified Contact Center Enterprise now supports the Chrome web browser.
Enterprise Chat and Email
Enterprise Chat and Email (ECE) provides web chat, Email and web callback capabilities to the Unified CCE Premium Agent and are included when purchasing Premium Agent Licenses.
The ECE feature offers capabilities such as blended routing of chat and email requests, URL pushing, email attachment handling, data masking, chat transcripts, and customer interaction history.
Unified CVP Scaling
In Release 11.5(1), Unified CVP has been scaled up to handle 3000 concurrent calls per redundant server instance.
G.729 Codec Support
Cisco Unified CVP now supports G.729 Codec for IVR.
Toaster Notifications
In Cisco Finesse 11.5, on first login to the Cisco Finesse Desktop, you are prompted to set your preference for notifications. One can then choose the option to always receive or allow toaster notifications.
The toaster notification can be viewed by the agent when receiving incoming interactions.
Cisco Unified Intelligence Center – User Experience Refresh
Unified Intelligence Center is available with new refreshed experience from release 11.5. The user interface is now very simple and intuitive. Users can easily view, create or modify reports/folders.
Cisco Unified Intelligence Center Premium License
Cisco Unified Intelligence Center Premium License is included in Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise Agent Licenses at no extra cost.
With version 11.5, Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise is now truly poised to help you increase operational efficiency, lower support costs, and improve availability risk management.
Being highly focused in the contact center/customer experience business, IST employs a unique team of experts capable of providing pre and post-sales consultancy on Cisco’s Enterprise Contact Center Solutions. With a high level of understanding of customer business specific contact center requirements, we can provide analysis and recommendations on how to incorporate the above mentioned new feature sets in order to fulfil your current and future contact center requirements. As our existing customers will attest, our recommendations will assist in achieving significant cost reductions, increased their first call resolution rates and overall customer satisfaction.

Source: IST Blogs

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