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IST Networks are thrilled about the latest release of Cisco Customer Care 11.6. This news is particularly exciting for IST since we have been implementing, supporting and operating Cisco Customer Care for over 100 customers in the Middle East within the last 15 years.
The latest iteration of Cisco UCCE (Unified Contact Center Enterprise) ensures organizations deliver a connected digital experience, enabling you to provide contextual, continuous, and capability-rich journeys for your customers, across time and channels.
"Unified CCE offers maximum flexibility and customization. It uses contact information and its deep knowledge of agents and other resources to route each contact to the best source of help. Agents receive a rich set of call and customer data—including context from previous interactions—to provide highly personal, efficient customer service. Unified CCE comes with Cisco Unified Intelligence Center for comprehensive reporting and the Cisco Finesse web‑based agent desktop for an enhanced, next-generation experience. Web chat and email are included with every agent license. Distributed fault tolerance helps ensure uninterrupted operation." – Cisco
Within this post we deep dive into some of the latest features of Cisco UCCE 11.6
Open platform
The platform is ready to integrated with AI & BOTs
Complete UX refresh for agent and supervisor reporting viewCUIC provides new thrilling dashboards, available via permalinks as well.

Cisco UCCE

Live data Real time state and Reporting refresh for simplified charts and dashboards (see below)

Cisco UCCE

Agent & Supervisor desktop Enhancements
Improve agent productivity (View my history for interactions, )Real time view of state and call history for agents and supervisors, powerful tool for supervisors to gain insights about agents productivityButton in team performance gadget to exclude logged out agents.Context Service serviceability improvements make it easier to track and ensure the flow of customer context information all the way to the agent desktop.

Cisco UCCE

"The Cisco UCCE includes Context Service, a cloud-based omnichannel service that provides storage, tagging, and management of the data from interactions between businesses or organizations and their customers. The context and history information that the service provides helps customer care agents better understand and respond to the needs of customers."
Digital channel Enhancements
Attachments are supported on digital channels (Email, Chat, Knowledgebase), Agents and Customer can share the attachment now for improved experience.Docked Chat: A new chat template set called Aqua that enables the website visitors to conduct chat interactions with the agents using a docked chat window within the same browser window that they are currently viewing. The chat window remains in place while the customer moves from page to page. This feature offers seamless escalation from virtual assistant to chat agent.Chat SDK for Web and Mobile.ECE Chat Web Services APIs to hide or show ECE Chat on their web sites based on the availability of agents to handle new chats.ECE supports new REST based Data Adapters. These data adapters provide capabilities to fetch information by executing RESTful Web Services exposed by third party applicationsthis release provides JavaScript based SDK support for Chat, Callback, and Delayed
Customer Journey
Email and Chat are now integrated with Cisco Context Services, providing cradle to grave
The most powerful Industry SIP dialer is enhanced for outbound campaign management with no single point of failure now.A New outbound campaign management API, allows for a more precise control on the campaigns
Design Enhancements
Unified CCE 2000 Agents Deployment Type is now supported in this new release.VMware vSphere Hypervisor (ESXi) 6.5 is supported by this release.Packaged Contact Center Enterprise support for global multi-site deployments and enhanced support for third-party CRM integrationsRemote Expert Mobile enhancements for co-browse and mobile media performance.The solution is certified with the virtual Cisco Unified Border Element (vCUBE), enabling a broader range of deployment options and making it possible for businesses to deploy the CVP with less router hardware.Support for Cisco VVB on Cisco Integrated Service Routers 4000 Series, with the need of UCS E module. VVB support for G.729.CVP Certified for vCUBE.Support for Chrome 48 and higher, Internet Explorer 11 native support, Firefox ESR and higher ESR’s
Financial sectors most demanding feature is out, TLS v1.2 is supported for most of the components (Unified CCE, Unified intelligence center, Finesse, CVP, VVB, Social Miner, ECE, and CCMP)Single sign on 2.0 enhancements (Quality OpenAM, Ping IdP, Kerberos)DTMP Log masking in CVP.
For more information on Cisco latest release and to reach a representative of IST please contact us here

Source: IST Blogs

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