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The main focus of any organization in the world is to make their customers satisfied, build new and create loyal ones. In order to do that enterprises started to shift to cloud solutions, which is the new era of the contact call center technology. PureCloud, is an All-In-One cloud solution that saves time and cost. It saves time for your agents, by providing an omni-channel experience; that helps them maneuver through different applications from just one platform. Why is an omni-channel experience? Customers use more than one channel when communicating with their company, eg: email, web-chat, sms or voice. They want to be replied to within minutes instead of waiting for a long time. They also want to be flexible and text whenever they want, from anywhere and connect through any channel they feel comfortable with.

The infographic below, will take you through solid statistics and useful information on consumers’ behavior. Secondly, it will also show you how to deal with technology trends in order to deliver an exceptional call center customer experience, eg: reporting statistics that will help you interpret data on customers and amend upon that to meet their needs and wants.

10 Ways To Improve Your Retail Contact Center


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