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Customer Journey Orchestration For Telecom

After reading this article, you will have discovered a new way to improve your customer experience. Alterian’s CX orchestration software offers the most advanced technology in its field and can help you profitably deliver an optimum level of service to Telecom customers.

However, Let us start with a brief introduction to Alterian.

What is the Alterian Real-Time CX Platform?

Many telecom providers face intense competition and must do everything possible to retain and grow their customer base. A well-established customer journey management is the critical success factor for real telecom growth. That’s where Alterian Real-Time CX Platform comes in.

Alterian Forestter Report

The Alterian CX platform was designed to help telecom providers deliver the best possible customer experience at every touch point while helping them to maximize revenue and reduce churn. Alterian has recently been named a Leader in Journey Orchestration Platforms by an Independent Research Firm.

By leveraging the Alterian CX platform, you can boost Retention and Revenues through Data-Driven Analytics. The unique features for telecom customers will provide the key to high-impact customer experience strategies.

The Alterian Use Case below will show how simple it is to apply, retain and grow customers’ portfolios with these unique features.

Elements of a successful CX Strategy

The four elements below guarantee that your CX strategy will fall on the right track.


Retention can be improved by monitoring customer activity and responding to it in real-time—before they have the chance to bounce from your site or cancel their account. Activities like someone ready to abandon a session or close an account can be tracked in real-time to save the upsell, resolve a problem, or save an account.

Cross Channel Personalization

Cross-channel unification and real-time personalization appear in all channels, depending on customer behavior.  It is essential that your CX strategy connects all channels and makes them work as one. This will ensure that your customers are treated the same way no matter where they interact with you.

Next Best Offer

Avoid overwhelming the customer with too many offers and information. The right information the customer wants now is in the right channel. Customers want to control their experience and are looking for a CX that puts them first. They need help when they need it, but not too much. A good rule of thumb is to limit your message to the minimum required for customers to make a purchase decision or take action.

Real-Time Interaction

Real-time interaction is critical to providing a personalized experience. Give customers a way to contact you that is fast and easy. You can do this by providing multiple ways to connect with you, such as live chat on your website and an email address. Provide real-time access to customer service representatives who can help customers solve problems immediately.

Now, Let’s dig deep into one everyday use case that challenges the telecom industry.

Main Challenge  


The company failed to meet its marketing revenue targets and lost customers with expired subscription packages. There was a lack of cross-information and the need to coordinate between different solutions. There is a need for a solution that generates cross-sell and up-sell opportunities for the existing customers, which also helps manage the marketing campaigns between multiple solutions.


Customers get switched to irrelevant offers on the wrong channel after their package expiry date. They also get a typically priced package that does not fit their preferences and end up switching to another provider for a better offer.

Alterian CX Platform Solution 

The enterprise analyzes and determines how to upgrade and retain customers with packages about to expire. It increases overall sales by offering more speed/limit upgrades, entertainment packages, roaming, etc.

Second, the product team analyzes each customer journey, including real-time behavior and historical Voice of the Customer (VOC) survey data. The data was analyzed to craft the best offering that meets the customer persona.

Using the Alterian, different packages can quickly trigger that specific persona and increase the retention rate. With relevant best offers, the velocity and impact on customer experience using NPS for each persona increases the growth and spending value.

What happens through the system 

The system could identify customers whose packages are ending soon and offer them new deals or promotions related to their behavior (devices, internet, entertainment). Moreover, with the increase of the NPS of the customers, the product team can target specific cross-selling campaigns of one the other mobile VAS products.

Why IST Networks with Alterian.

We have been helping companies with their CX strategy for the last eighteen years. We know how to spot pain points in every industry—and how to tackle them. We will show you how to tailor a solution that will help you see results without sacrificing the ability to scale as you grow.


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