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Automate the route
When it comes to social customer care, organizations have been eagerly focused on decreasing response times knowing that in this day and age customers expect their issues resolved or acknowledged within minutes.
Many analytics and actionable intelligence software tools powered by machine learning and AI technology enable organizations to resolve customer interactions more quickly as well as give them more insight about a customer to be able to respond on a more personal level. Time is a constraint here, so how do you balance out the idea of replying in a certain frame of time as well as keeping replies personal to every individual customer?
One way is to distribute interactions to certain agents based on skill group, sentiment or priority, allowing them to focus on the meat of the interaction and not waste time categorising or reassigning the interaction to another agent. The trade off usually takes place as organizations start to automate responses and replies to customers on social media, in order to be more efficient and respond in the
1 – hour window that customers expect. Customers hate automated replies! So save time somewhere else.
Automate the Route
Rather than automating the response, organizations can save more time by automating the route. What this means is when the interaction comes in it is immediately and automatically routed to the agent based on the content, topics discussed or sentiment of the interaction. Automated sentiment analysis tools can enable agents to focus on the interaction according to its sentiment, be it by assigning higher priority to incoming negative interactions or simply routing complaints to specific agents for better handling.
Personalise the Response
The questions agents within an organization should constantly ask themselves is "Am I making the customer feel like they are doing business with a human, how would I like to be treated? "
A survey conducted by Genesys years ago asked more than 9,000 consumers about "what mattered to them most when it came to doing business with an organisation and more than 40% replied: human service."
Automating the route and not the response can save agents more time and allow them to focus on the individual customer’s inquiry or interaction, giving them more time to personalise the response. Getting up close and personal is the only way to show customers that you are interested in what they have to say. Show sympathy for your customers’ issues and make them feel like you are actively involved in resolving their issue.
Learn how to automate the route using IST’s sentiment analysis in the upcoming Live Demo.
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