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Contact Center
A bad economic situation and rising crime usually go hand-in hand.
In the contact center world there are also things that go hand-in-hand, that’s why I would like to take this moment to discuss how easy PureCloud has made it; to integrate technologies that work well together or even compliment one another.
In this day and age many organizations use multiple systems in their day-to-day business processes. We teach our children to play well with one another, encourage teamwork in the workplace and we are always reminded that we are as strong as our weakest link. This ideology should also be extended to the virtual world, where technologies should be
expected to work well together. A stand-alone tool no matter how powerful can only be deemed powerful if it plays well with others – after all, tools too are as strong as their weakest link.
Coherence, Harmony & Powerful Integrations
PureCloud is one cloud contact center solution that appreciates and recognizes this philosophy and that’s why PureCloud has built powerful integrations with the business applications that bring real value to your contact centers and your contact center operations allowing you to share information seamlessly across your organization. I have selected the top 3 integrations I like the most. Have a look below:
Sales Force
Genesys & Salesforce have a very strong bond. Salesforce being an important technology partner to Genesys has allowed them to offer a solid synergy by combining a strong cloud customer relationship management (CRM) system (Salesforce) with an all-in-one cloud contact center solution (PureCloud) to offer even better Omni-channel customer engagement. This integration enables your organization to:
Configure IVR routing decisions using data regarding customer accounts and information from your Salesforce CRM.Instantly pull customer and organization data from Salesforce into PureCloud and create a unified address book to allow agents to easily search and make calls to customers.All agent interactions handled can be recorded as an activity on Salesforce. The following information can be automatically updated: connection time, the agent’s information and notes on the call.
For more information this integration: Ask a PureCloud ExpertOr
Streamline customer experience by using data from your Microsoft applications such as Microsoft dynamics, Microsoft SQL database, and Microsoft Exchanges with Pure Cloud’s Powerful APIs.
For more information this integration: Ask a PureCloud ExpertOr
This integration puts PureCloud contact center services directly inside the Zendesk’s interface. This allows your agents to leverage all the information from Zendesk while using the features of PureCloud to handle interactions and view customer interaction data.The Integration enables your organization to:
Make routing decisions based on information automatically retrieved from your CRM and on to the IVR regarding accounts, contacts and other information.
Use pureCloud from within your Zendesk interface
Post triggered changes into PureCloud chat rooms via web-hook integrations that connect to Zendesk’s Public API.
For more information this integration: Ask a PureCloud Expert

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