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Digital Channels
Do you want to offer your customer an option to reach out to you via digital platforms, regardless of which one channel it is? May it be web, email or social media? Do you want to offer a seamless integrated customer experience?
IST has been deploying customer experience solutions for over 15 years, we understand that when moving to digital CX, there are challenges. We have helped many customers overcome these. Challenges include:
How to define an effective Digital Channel StrategyHow to Integrate channels across the entire Customer JourneyHow and when to invest into a Digital Strategy over timeHow to Test my Digital Channel Strategy Plan
Scalability and Flexibility
IST has partnered with Genesys to offer you OmniCloud, Powered by Genesys, a CX platform hosted on the cloud. The

Flexibility and Scalability of OmniCloud means you can add and remove agents as demands fluctuate. It also means, you have the flexibility to change your initial setup if your forecasts prove inaccurat

e. Essentially, you only pay for what you need.

Testing your Digital Channel Strategy Plan
Unlike on-premise solutions, the flexibility of OmniCloudallows you to test your Digital CX plan first, without too much hassle or cost. Forecasts are no more than educated guesses, when you test with OmniCloud, your data for number of agents required and number of digital interactions per month will represent real-life scenarios.

Digital Channels

One routing engine, One reporting engine, and One agent desktop
Breaking Silo’s
So, let’s circle back to the initial challenges, defining your Digital Channel Strategy. We at IST have worked with many organizations in this very position, who find this difficult.
What is common, is the number of organizations who ‘silo’ each channel, meaning each communication channel is siloed, and separated from each other. Each of these silos then work independently of each other, meaning reporting, analytics and management become

disjointed and inefficient. The cost and time in managing these silos are significant and your customer experience manager will find it hard to gather usable intelligence.

The customer experience is bad too, having to repeat the conversation because they switched from the email channel to using web chat.
IST ran a survey in May 2017 and asked 174 people a simple question, only 35% said they offer a connected digital engagement channels, which means the majority of 65% are not.

Digital Channels

Which is why when IST decided to offer OmniCloud, it partnered with Genesys to not only offer its customers an enterprise grade, world leading customer engagement platform, but also to empower its customer with a solution that has all channels fully integrated into One routing engine, One reporting engine, and One agent desktop.
Rely on IST, the leaders in Digital CX, to deliver your organization an Integrated Digital Channel Strategy that will empower your agents to deliver an exceptional customer experience. Take advantage of the flexibility and scalability that Cloud Solutions offer so you can test and deploy on your own terms. This is why OmniCloud, powered by Genesys was born.

Digital Channels

About IST
ISTis an award-winning Customer Experience Systems Integrator dedicated to delivering powerful and innovative Customer Experience solutions within the Middle East and Turkey. Established in 2002, IST has rapidly grown to be the market leader and has earned the reputation for service quality, innovation and prompt project delivery. IST’s Expertise lies with integrating technology from industry leaders and is proud to be both Cisco ATP for Contact Center and a Genesys Gold Partner.

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