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EUData is one of IST’s leading partners when it comes to providing omnichannel customer engagement solutions, whether integrated within your existing Cisco contact center, other vendors or as a standalone.

Cisco Contact Center

In addition to excelling in Omnichannel engagement, they build and design bots, that are fully integrated within the organization CX’s strategy. We’re honored that they shared with us their 2019 CX Prediction when it comes to the AI/Bots space. Sandro Parisi, CEO Eudata, said:

Cisco Contact Center2018 was the year in which companies began to unveil the power of artificial intelligence solutions coupled with the world of customer service and process automation. Among false myths and concrete results, in particular, the end of 2018 told us that companies can obtain

from these solutions great value, made of concrete results that impact on the management of costs and on the measure of the customer experience.

The fundamental issue that companies must manage is linked to the search for partners, technology and consultancy, able to provide services based on the needs of the client, masking the complexity that lies behind the world of artificial intelligence.

It is here that Eudata has invested decisively, placing itself as a simplification layer that allows the creation of value-added conversational services (chatBOT or conversational platform) without the need for in-depth technical knowledge of the world of AI systems.

What will we see then in 2019? Of course, the normalization of human / BOT hybrid services in every market sector. These services will be active on a growing number of channels, both textual (chat, messaging, social, email, …) and voice (IVR, Alexa, Google Home, …). It is evident that in this proliferation of services, the issues of control, monitoring, and evolution of the services created are clearly decisive (you know how complex an IVR is? Well, a BOT is much more …) and solutions like Convy.AI are ideal precisely because they guarantee these fundamental characteristics.

Creating a BOT / Human hybrid system is not a choice, but a necessity for those who want to compete on the market. Together, IST and Eudata guarantee the set of skills necessary to face the evolution of your systems in this direction.

To know more about EUData’s offerings and how IST can assist your organization in implementing click here.

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